Recently I acquired Claudio Ranieri’s book about his last year at Chelsea, which is also Roman Abramovich’s first season with the almighty blues. One of the first things that struck me was his feeling of passion and pride for the team which is something that I hadn’t noticed in the many Autobiography and books I have read including Stuart “the psycho” Pearce’s autobiography. It’s not that Stuart Pearce isn’t passionate about football; one of the greatest footballing moments I have witnessed was in Euro 96 against Spain. If that wasn’t passion then he should be in a padded cell with a straight jacket on.

The book reminded me of why I loved the excitement of remembering the days by what transfers were completed at the club, from Duff to Crespo I was buying 3 news papers a day to read who of the worlds greats were next to wear the blue shirt. Looking back it was an exciting time, Claudio achieved all he should have that season and I don’t think anyone, not even the Special one could have done that much better with who and what was available to him. It got me thinking in my writing which I know has been a little relaxed recently, have I shown my excitement and passion for the task and what I was trying to achieve? The answer is NO I have not.

Maybe its because with out spell check you would give up reading after the first sentence or that I get my brother to proof read because I’m not the greatest with punctuation or that I was lucky to get a D in GCSE English? No because through all of my faults I am the master of cunning and hide my own stupidity very well or at least I hope so. People who RT my constant begging request on Twitter either don’t read it, don’t notice or don’t care about it. So is it that I don’t have passion for it? Well when it comes to Chelsea and England I do. I also love the idea and what I am trying to achieve and as with everything I do, I take pride in my work, but passion about Arsenal, City, QPR? No I don’t. I would like to but let’s be honest I’m trying to complete a task, an aim, and the end product is all that is important to me. So there lies the first problem.

The second is the amount of facts, figures and information I have to cram into one blog, so much so it must read like BBC’s final score, you possibly have the same blokes dull and depressing tones reading it to you in your head. I’m still going to carry on with it but will report back maybe do every 6 month report on how I’m doing rather than a monthly list as before. Although if it wasn’t for work and the kids my free time to write more and make my way in football might be further along than it is I’ll read this to them later in lives. It’s all your fault Owen Lieghton and Joshua not Daddy’s. You could say I should have made waves before they where born, my is eldest only just 2 but I feel it would be far more mature of me to pin it on a 2 year old rather than myself!

So how do I write with the same pride, passion and excitement I have been reading from the Tinkerman Claudio Ranieri? I need something that encourages pride and passion within me. The problem is I like to know everything about what I am writing, what the people involved are thinking etc. I’ve just checked and I have no contacts within the Chelsea or England set up. So back to Football manager and setting up a game which is interesting to read and brings out my passion for the game. I was going to write about my 5 seasons on a saved game where Chelsea have dominated  world football. I’ve even beaten Barcelona with attacking football. But I Cheated on the third season. I sold 70mil worth of players to Real Madrid just so the sales went through quickly all down to my impatience as I would have got the same value, it would have just taken more time. I can’t write about that as I did cheat and lying about it is not something I want to do as I live by the idea of always telling the truth, far more scary than a lie.

When it comes to the facts I’ll explain what I mean. My 2 year old loves Thomas the tank. I remember it as a kid but when he started watching it, having it constantly on in the background somewhere, even if he’s in another room, he does know when I turn it off. I researched it all so I knew every engine and person in all the stories I like to be in the know if I don’t understand something I’ll watch or research it there and then.

In my next blog I will write about 5 years in which I will take control of Chelsea and my home town team Woking FC who have just been promoted from the Blue Square Premier South. I will have to do the same and make my way to top flight football. I need a target though, I can’t just say I’ll do my best. 1st rule no cheating even if it is to save time.

With Chelsea I want to be the biggest club financially and rated in the world after 5 seasons. With Woking I want to be in League 2. I’d like to say higher but without big financial backing and with my lack of knowledge of lower leagues (which will change soon) it may take more than 5 seasons.

I have tried making my intentions clear; I would like the Chelsea job but so far I’ve been over looked. When AVB went I knew I was perfect for the job, although Roberto Di Matteo, after last night, is the perfect man for the job. The game last night (Barcelona vs Chelsea Champions League Semi-final second leg) was all about the Chelsea I know and love. Although at the time I criticised the Drogba for Torres sub, I was wrong. Very wrong.

After accepting Romans offer which financially was very good, I am sorted for life. In our meeting about what we wanted for the club we both loved, I asked for 50million and Maicon a young Brazilian striker who has been with me since FM09 I had heard nothing of this player in real life but Ray Wilkins advised to sign him and I haven’t looked back since. Star rating wise he’s never been highly rated but performances and goals he’s been awesome for me, So Roman will bring him in for me (or at least I’ll move him using the editor but I’m trying to write a story or a legacy so please work with me.)

Next up, Woking. I asked for 50million and Lionel Messi… I was laughed out of the office which is a shame, I could have worked wonders for them with the money and the Argentine play maker! I would have accepted 20 million and Riquelme if they had bothered to negotiate… So I changed my request knowing that my first wasn’t really possible. So all I asked for was that I pick my assistant manager, a friend of mine who coaches but isn’t in football manager – I may write to them and complain. So I will create him myself as my number 2. I would ask him if I could use his name on this blog but he’d probably question why I am using his name on a toilet so he will be known as General Greg.

Soon I will report back and update you with how I am doing. As ever, thank you for taking the time to read my post. Please comment and RT.