Over the last 18 months, Steve Morgan and co have become a perfect example of how NOT to run a football club in the premier league, and while of course part of the blame should definitely be associated with the players and management team, like in most cases in modern day football Wolverhampton Wanderers problems go way further than just on the pitch.

As an actual Wolves fan I found it pretty astounding that last season while we found ourselves in a massive relegation scrap the board decided to announce plans to expand the stadium instead of putting as large a possible transfer kitty together for the next transfer window if Wolves were to survive. Wolves did survive, by pretty much one goal by Stephen Hunt. The season before Wolves had finished 15th in the premier league table on 38 points, that season Wolves finished 17th with 40 points. Although there was a 2 point increase the way Wolves only stayed up by a point was a clear indication that the Premier League was becoming increasingly more difficult and there was a crisis of Premier League quality in the squad.

In the summer, the signing of Roger Johnson was one I actually supported, because he was such a good centre half for Birmingham although this signing has completely back fired on Wolves. It was still pretty clear however that the Wolves team needed more than just one good defender after conceding a pretty frightening 66 goals in 38 games in the 2010-2011 season. The money that Mick McCarthy had should of been spent much better than it actually was and it has been pretty clear for a while now that the players that Wolves have just arent premier league players apart from possibly 2 or 3 and eventually a team that isnt good enough will always get found out at the top level.

Once this season started however I feel the board made 3 major mistakes which have culminated in the relegation of the club. I feel the first was not sacking McCarthy earlier, although McCarthy did a lot for the club come November - December time it was becoming evident that in the 3 years that Wolves had been in the premier league, there had been absolutely no progress and that the teams frailty was clear for all to see. In the months of October to December Wolves only picked up 10 out of a possible 30 points, that is relegation form and the board should of acted then and have paid the price for not doing so.

The second huge mistake was sacking McCarthy with not only 12 games to go, but absolutely no lead on who they actually wanted to take over, 12 games to save a team from relegation would be hard for any manager in football, but Wolves didn’t even have a clue who they wanted to take control. It would of been a lot better if they would of stuck with McCarthy and then decided on his fate at the end of the season, instead of giving whichever manager came in pretty much a mission impossible to save the team.

The final huge mistake was of course appointing Terry Connor as manager. I feel this was just a total slap in the face to McCarthy and the Wolves fans, they put a person who has absolutely no management experience and was the assistant manager to the manager they didnt want in charge of a club that really needed an experienced body to come in and rally the players. As soon as Connor was appointed the writing was pretty much on the wall for Wolves and the fact they have only got 2 points in the last 10 games speaks for itself.

As for next season, the team seems pretty damaged and I can’t see a promotion back to the Premier League now for wolves for a few years, which is a real shame. But Steve Morgan has been punished for being a business man in charge of a football club, as is the case with so many relegated or troubled teams.