They have had inspirational careers, but is it time for them to step down or take a back seat. Read more to find out.

We have all watched the Premier League and forever appreciated the players who entertain us week in, week out. The foreign talents through to those who wear their heart on their sleeves whatever the circumstances. Liverpool have had their fair share of both of these. Players such as Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, Sami Hyypia and Dietmar Hamann have all graced the pristine turf of Anfield whilst wearing the iconic Liverpool strip.

Two of the most influential players of all time for the English game are Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher who have grown, peaked, and some may argue, are now plummeting towards the end of their career - all at Liverpool Football Club. The memories I have of these two Kop Legends are limitless. Both boasting Champions League Finals, FA Cup triumphs and England caps a plenty.

Carragher, the older of the pair, started his career as a prolific striker at youth level but quickly transformed into the robust, no holding back centre half that we saw when he was at his peak. Born into an Evertonian family like some other notable Liverpool legends, Ian Rush and Michael Owen, Jamie became the player that fans knew would put a shift in on the pitch, and wouldn't cause too much controversy off it. He has the second highest appearances for any Liverpool player, of all time, with 694 matches played, showing what a great servant he has been for such a great club. Fans love him for what he is, a traditional, solid and hard working centre back who plays for the shirt.

Carragher's Honours:

2 FA Cups - 3 League Cups - 2 Community Shields - 1 Champions League - 1 UEFA Cup & 2 UEFA Super Cups

Steven Gerrard is a born and bred Liverpudlian. A man who loves the club with the whole of his heart. The man that has guided the Anfield faithful through thick and thin, a true Kopite. There are 5 goals that still give me goosebumps every time I watch them, they are that iconic.

5) Messi's solo run (vs Real Madrid)

4) Michael Owen's hat trick goal (vs Germany)

3) Beckham's last minute free kick (vs Greece)

2) Gerrard's 35 yard drive in the last minute of the FA Cup Final (vs West Ham)

1) Steven Gerrard's 25 yard half volley (vs Olympiakos)

I suggest that if you haven't seen any of them, you get yourself on Youtube after reading this and watch them, Gerrard's being the picks of the bunch.

The man is one of the reasons I support Liverpool Football Club, his iconic presence within the team, his charisma on the pitch and his technical ability in striking the ball - all unparalleled. He is the inspiration behind the attacks, but at the same time, the strength behind the defence. Steven Gerrard, or 'Stevie G', is widely known as one of the most talented midfielders of his generation. But his career can't last forever, as much as thousands of fans would love it to.

Gerrard's Honours:

2 FA Cups - 3 League Cups - 2 Community Shields - 1 Champions League - 1 UEFA Cup & 2 UEFA Super Cups

Now Gerrard and Carragher, 31 and 34 respectively, have to have a look at their future, forget about the cult figures they have become at Anfield and think about what they can offer the team at the start of next season, if at all.

For me, Carragher should be started on the bottom rung of the ladder to management, slowly integrating him into the coaching staff and backroom team that Liverpool have at the moment. He is strong willed and driven to help Liverpool become the best again, and that is what we need. Gerrard even says in his autobiography that Carragher is 'A true student of the game, not just a thick scouser from Bootle' which shows promise for a future career in management. With Kenny at the helm as it stands, it also gives Carragher potential to take the implementation steps that he needs, as Kenny holds much respect for his Vice-Captain. 'Carra' has had torrid recent form and because of this has been dropped from the starting eleven more times this term than he has for the last 5 seasons.

He has been replaced by the defensive wall that is Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger, and with their record this season it seems hard to believe that Carragher can find a way to wriggle back into the frame. Another problem Carragher has in getting in the first team is the presence of Sebastian Coates, who seems like a real prospect, thus he is getting games ahead of Jamie because of his need to develop and become the player that the manager want him to be in the future. But even when Carragher does play, he doesn't represent what he did 3 or 4 years ago. He never had the pace to outrun the fastest of strikers, but he had the quickness of thought to be able to get into the right position before the striker even knew where he was going. Contradictory to this, now he seems to drop very deep in his own half just so he doesn't have to do as much running and he can get the tackle in early, but this is a failing plan. Liverpool played him in the 2-1 FA Cup Semi Final victory over Everton, but his mistake cost us the early goal.

A misunderstanding between him and Agger, left Carragher on the floor and Jelavic with an easy finish. Now, 'Carra' of old wouldn't have waited for someone else to take charge, he would have used his strong right boot to clear it out of play, that is the opposite of what happened. He always had the demeanor of a man 'old before his time', but he seemed to make up for it on the pitch with his quick decision making and hard tackles. But now he just looks off the pace and wary of making the tackles that he once made with such consummate ease.

Gerrard on the other hand, I believe still has a season or so left in him, but not as the force Liverpool rely on, but as a player who inspires the team around him, on the pitch, but more importantly off it. However in the years to come we have to realise that the legend of Steven Gerrard isn't going to be there every time we need something fixing or when we need an important goal. We must learn not to put all the pressure on his performances, and realise its a team game. We need to rebuild a strong Liverpool midfield, with Gerrard in the background, there to do a job when he is fit, or needed. We need to, as fans, stop saying we need a 'replacement for Gerrard.' We don't we just need anther reliable controlling midfielder who has the desire to succeed. We will never find an exact replica of Gerrard, but we must learn to live with this. Within a few years he is going to be in the same position that Carragher is in now, weighing up the options for his future. And I hate to say it, but that time is going to come sooner than we want. But that's the cycle of football, the greats come and go, but we inevitably find new names to sing from the terraces on a Saturday afternoon.

I would like to see a Gerrard - Carragher management combination in years to come, but then I snap out of my dream. I think that Carragher is the perfect personality for a manager, in a similar way to how Kenny Dalglish was. However I would leave Gerrard as an Ambassador for the club, leaving his legendary status as it is, taking a similar role to Ian Rush.

I can't be certain if any of the above will come true, but one thing I can be certain about is that they will Never Walk Alone as the last of the remaining true Kopites. YNWA.