There are a lot of opinons about whether or not Roberto Di Matteo is the man who should take charge of Chelsea next season. Although reaching the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup finals, and significantly improving their league form, Di Matteo still has his critics.

Firstly, lets take a look at Chelsea's Premier League results (total of 7 games) since Di Matteo took over on March 4th 2012:

Win: 3
Draw: 3
Lose: 1

That works out at 12 points from a possible 21. Now that really isn't anything too special, at least not for a team in Chelsea's calibre, especially if you consider teams around them such as Spurs have had a bad run of form lately too.

Now looking at the FA Cup, there really wasn't any special performances there either. Chelsea beat Birmingham and Leicester on the way to the Semi-Finals where they clashed with Tottenham Hotspur and came out 5-1 victors. But even that display wasn't as good as the score line makes out. Spurs fell apart in the second half, making errors and allowing any team in that situation to put 5 past them. Plus one of the goals was highly controversial.

It's a similar story in the Champions League. Yes, the performances against Barcelona were good, however it's a well known fact that Barcelona are not at the top of their game at the moment, and looking at the stats you can see Barcelona dominated both legs of the semi-final. Leading up to those games Chelsea beat Benfica and Napoli, both are teams that Chelsea would expect to win, and neither victory was really all that surprising.

It is undoubtable that Roberto Di Matteo is passionate about Chelsea, and its obvious he can try will put 110% in to any job he is given with the club, but his lack of experience, and an in-depth study of the results since he took over really aren't anything special. This is where his critics come from. On top of that, recent news stories have confirmed that Pep Guardiola has left Barcelona. His record of 14 trophies in 3 years is something a team like Chelsea could well be interested in.

Personally I am undecided whether Roberto Di Matteo is the right man for Chelsea. On one side you have the undeniable spirit he has brought to the team (holding out with 10 men against Barcelona is nothing to sniff at, even if Barcelona are lacking form), yet his lack of experience managing at the top level could be his and Chelsea's downfall. The only way I think he will even be in with a chance of getting the position on a permanent basis will be if Chelsea win the Champions League, and that is going to be a very hard task. Chelsea have to play Bayern Munich in the Allianz stadium without four players including their captain John Terry. If Chelsea don't manage that arduous task, then I can almost certainly someone else coming in to take over, and with Pep Guardiola available with a great track record with (arguably) the best team in the world, then it wouldn't be a surprise if someone else gets the nod.