In a week of mass turmoil for the club, it has been very hard convince myself why I and we all put ourselves through it but as my father would...

In a week of mass turmoil for the club, it has been very hard convince myself why I and we all put ourselves through it but as my father would say "if you can't take a joke, you shouldn't have joined". At the moment we seem to be the butt of every joke (nearly everyone, John Terry made sure on Tuesday night he took some heat off us), whether it be a hideous decision by a blind official in a cup semi-final or mutiny inside the club. We are in the unfortunate situation where Harry is tearing our club apart day by day (he said we are sitting in fourth place in his press conference on Wednesday), with the FA hovering to offer him the job in a couple of weeks. The simple fact is Harry needs to go as soon as possible, but unfortunately it is too expensive to sack him now. The FA will have to pay Spurs upwards of £10 million to secure his services and Daniel Levy, is more concerned about waiting a couple of weeks, cashing that cheque then showing him where the exit is. As far as I’m concerned this is all going to end badly and it's only getting worse, and now I have to convince myself and you my readers that we can somehow pull together and win this match, so read on....

What we need to do to win, well that at the moment is the million dollar question, and I certainly know for sure that Harry hasn't got the answer. First off, we may need a minor miracle but it is possible. At the start and mid part of the season playing Blackburn at home most Spurs fans would have said an easy win and they would have been correct. I feel we just need to get that confidence back and start playing simple back to basics football again. Once we get the basics right, like most top flight teams we will be evenly matched, but because we have better individual players around the pitch, like your Bales and Modrics they can give you that little bit extra that wins the game. We can't even play as a team at the moment so even the basics of communication, organisation and positioning being practised in training would help us tremendously. Get these right, then you can start doing all your fancy flicks and through balls. Just look at Barcelona and Swansea with great communication, organisation and positioning they are able to become the best passing football teams seen in a very long time.

More often than not Steve Kean will play with one man up top, usually Yakubu with five midfielders supporting him. One of those midfielders is usually Junior Hoilett who plays a bit further up the pitch than the other four picking up the balls Yakubu knocks down or Pedersen swings in. One place where Blackburn will be very dangerous is from set pieces. They have Pedersen in the team who is one of the best crossers/dead ball strikers in the whole league and the height of his target men is something we have to nullify. That height comes from players such as Grant Hanley, Scott Dann, Steven N'Zonzi and even the short but stocky Yakubu. Other than that we just need to make sure we don't concede silly goals that come from our mistakes, it must be a disease at the club because we just can't stop doing it, even the infinitely reliable Friedel last week against QPR. Lastly we need to give away as few free kicks near the edge of area as possible as Blackburn have one of the best dead ball specialists in Morten Gamst Pedersen in the Premier League ready to strike.

Onto the main danger man, the man, the beast they call 'The Yak'. Feed the Yak and he will score, is his tagline and this season has definitely been no different even in a massively struggling Blackburn team. A return of 16 goals from 26 appearances in the Premier League this season is a massive amount, although this shouldn't surprise anyone as where ever he has been (mainly to struggling teams) he has hit the back of the net on many occasions, sometimes keeping those teams in their respective leagues. I must say I don't want Blackburn to go down as I still see them as one of the classic Premier League teams, and relegation would kill the club beyond repair, so I hope 'The Yak' leaves his shooting boots at home this week and he go about saving the club next week.

Spurs' form of late should come as no shock to anyone, with only one win in our last nine in the Premier League and a last five of WDLLL in all competitions we are in free-fall. Moving from a comfortable third place at the start of the year to be lying in fifth, three points behind fourth is in another season relegation form. Our only recent win came against Swansea at home, winning 3 - 1 and surprisingly I thought that would actually be a game we would draw or lose. Football, funny old game eh?

Blackburn's form has been much the same as our but unfortunately for them they didn't go on a run of games unbeaten earlier on the season. With a last five of LLLLW, you might think they are playing as bad as us but, to be honest they have played very well and been unlucky in two of those losses. Once against Man Utd where they kept them out for 80 minutes to concede softly and against Liverpool where they comeback from 2 - 0 down to level at 2 - 2 and were very unlucky to lose in the last minute to an Andy Carroll goal (that's a phrase I don't use often). They have picked up three points recently with a 2 - 0 win against a very good Norwich team last week. The game played earlier on in the season finished 2 - 1 to Spurs with Van Der Vaart scoring two, one a sublime finish from outside the area. Bearing in mind this game was in our purple patch in the season so I expect the game to have a different feeling to it as Blackburn are fighting for their lives and we would appear to be fighting for pride.

We now have two more bodies to add to the pile of players that are out for the rest of the season and beyond. Younes Kaboul who was injured a few weeks ago against Norwich, and who was one of the players rumoured to have words with Redknapp regarding his management style has been confirmed out by Harry. Although Harry has said this, Kaboul last week before the QPR game 'tweeted' that he hoped to be back in training in the next week, so maybe the words were stronger between the two and Kaboul may not play under Harry again. Also Benny just through sheer exhaustion at playing so many games and little to no squad rotation has been confirmed to be out for the rest of the season. Add them to the pile where Kranjcar, Dawson and Huddlestone currently reside and we are acquiring a very busy physio room. Adebayor, Lennon and Walker were also disillusioned with Harry's management style and have had 'rumoured' words with him and it will be interesting to see if they play as they have gone against his command like Kaboul.

With injuries and other mentioned circumstances in mind below is the team I hope steps out on Sunday -

Blackburn danger men - David 'Junior' Hoilett (MF), Yakubu (FW)

Score prediction - 2 - 1