They go a long way back, with a huge history behind them.

It's okay. You have achieved a lot for us and I would like to apologize for the ignorant fans who always seem to want more from you.

This is something you don't see that often.

I'm not here to talk about the huge history between them, although some of them are really interesting, such as the fact that the fastest goal in the Champions league history was scored by Roy Makaay against Real Madrid. Watching tonights game, I'm sure that everybody realized the need for annual competitions like this. I encouraged my friends, who most have never been following soccer (it's common in the US not to follow soccer) to watch this match and they were amused by the fact that soccer can be as intense and dynamic as basketball.

It's a wonderful result both for the Madridstas, and the black beasts. The nick name suggests the respect the Madrid fans have towards the German Giants, and it was coined after Real Madrid's elimination by Munchen numerous times. In fact, the motivation behind the game had decided the game beforehand. The Bavarians really wanted to make use of the fact that the final is going to be taking place at the Allianz arena, where Madrid could cut them some slack as they had decided the La Liga few days ago. They already had their pardon; beating Barcelona at Camp Nou and ending their reign as the football team that everybody dreams of.

The game entailed lovely tactics by Mourinho. It was indeed, Joga Bonito; beatiful, beautiful tactic by Mourinho, maybe inspired by his arch rival, Guardiola, however. I couldn't help but to think that Guardiola was enticing Mourinho with the idea of defensive midfielder playing the role of a center back. For Mourinho, who I think is smarter than his counterpart in Catalonia, it wasn't the entire game but only during little moments. During the second half, I could see Xabi Alonso covering for Ramos, who was eventually covering for Marcelo. The way Xabi Alonso played his role in defense was very securing (I think it was the opposite feeling of having Mascherano as a defender, and it astonishes me again how they are still being compared after leaving the dreadful football club who spends fortunes on native players like Andy and Charlie). The Munchen team was very static and dynamic; they were carefully contemplating their moves with slow passes around, Kroos and Schweinsteiger doing really good work (My friend and I had a discussion about the average pace of Bundesliga. I remember my freind telling me that Bundesliga is slow and it's really boring to watch. I wonder if he saw Kroos, Robben, Ribery tonight.) Whenever, they felt like they need the pace, it was Robben and Ribery down the flanks with the ball testing Pepe and Ramos.

As a Madridsta, (please accept my bias towards my team) I knew on some level that it would be Ramos deciding the game, either it will be good for the team or bad for the team. He was not comfortable in his position as a center back, and he was allowing some deadly chances. (He almost costed the team the title, when he unexpectedly trapped the boal early in the 164th Clasico, where Saint Iker came to rescue the ball from the evil, evil Dani Alves.) However, as unstable as he can be, he was being a descent player on the field. Despite his struggle against Gomez, he played a decent game I guess (Let's not blame him for the penalty miss. Sh** like this just happens)

When Kaka was brought on, I thought his positive history against Bayern would do Real Madrid harm. He had the experience of beating them and eliminating them from the Champions league for two seasons in a row! When he was in AC milan, his team had eliminated by Bayern Munchen for two consecutive seassons, (2005-2006, 2006-2007), what a feat! But as he missed his second kick, everybody in the stadium knew it would be Bayern Munchen in the finals; their gut was telling them, although they were always ready to be proven wrong. Bavarians when it comes to penalty shoot out. The composure of Neuer reminded me Oliver Kahn (He was a decent keeper, although he was a bad man cheating on his wife who was pregnant. You see the trend here? Good soccer players always cheat!! Ashley Cole, John Terry, and don't even get me started on Giggs)

I feel like I'm very unstable with many digressions.... but Kudos on the Munchen side, really.