Big mistake by Pep.

Look at this idiot. He thinks he's bigger than the game. I tell him, "If you want to be treated like a legend, act like one."

Before discussing the issue of Barcelona's attitude towards their game these days, first, I would like to congratulate the Chelsea players, and their fans and everybody who was cheering for the blues (possibly many madridstas) to win tonight. Very, very good result, especially considering the fact that the blues were playing with ten men (because their captain with the experience arrogantly thought that it was his duty to threaten the Catalan kids with his Brutal British attitude). Sorry for the digression, the world already knows how bad JT is, and he could be sleeping with your wife at the moment.

Also as you may notice, or may not, I wrote an article three days ago about my insights on the last El Clasico, and being a Los Blancos fan, I'm here to let you know that I do have a bias against the Catalan giants but I hope to keep it very neutral and only inside my head, hopefully. (Be sure to check out my thoughts on why FC Barcelona lost)

Yak... Yak... I don't care what people think of my actions. All out on attack!!! I tell him, "Wake up! You are not playing Zaragoza but Chelsea"

It all started in the press conference, when the Spanish press bombared Guardiola with questionable derogatory remarks on the selection (I believe they were things like why the hell did you play Tello?) that Guardiola has made. Barcelona boss Guardiola stormed out of the media conference after turning the air effing blue! Guardiola responded with a long rant as he defended his selection decisions. "He played a f***ing good game. I mean most of the dangerous chances were created by him." Soon after that, he left the conference storming out. Of course, the Catalan giant scored 168 goals this season so far, and it will be 170 counting tonight's two goals by Busquets and Iniesta. He doesn't have to explain to us why he chose whom, and what formation. I'm not here to question whether he's a good coach or not; his team has done exceptionally brilliant until today, and I believe he's one of the best coaches the world is gifted to have. We should never forget that Blaugrana won the Champions league three times in the last six years, two of them came with Guardiola. Wonderful achievement so far, and I respect that from deep within my heart, despite my Los Merengues blood broiling.

But, I believe that Guardiola is forgetting a very important issue here. The fact is that the Catalans are not invincible anymore; other teams with their coaches figure out their way to crack the Blaugrana, and two teams that they have played recently seems to have mastered their art against Barcelona. It is time for Pep to realize that he shouldn't be replacing all the players on the pitch with pass technicians. Eleven Tellos or Cuencas (Valdes seems to be a better passer than a goal keeper) won't let you win important games like tonight. As any coach would have done so, he should have at least thought about playing regular football with safe measures, not all out attacking style. Tonight, he chose two defenders and a defender/midfielder (who couldn't just keep up with CR7 the other night) as his three players in front of Valdes, who I think in my opionion needs more in front of him for his peace of mind. I believe deploying three defenders seemed like a reasonable decision made by the coach; it was at Camp Nou for god's sake and even against big teams that park the bus, let's say Inter two years ago, the Catalans still figured out their way past Samuel and Lucio. But when Pique received the knock, why the hell did Guardiola replace him with a full back? Seriously, I knew that Barcelona's going to lose when Dani Alves came on. (I know, I know that the first goal came from Dani Alves's jesus like pass to Cuenca who ultimately fed it to Busquets but with another defender, we could have prevented the goal by Ramires maybe.... the one by Torress too) Such substitutions show that Guardiola is a man of faith to his principles, where attacking soccer is the resort to the attainment of football beautiness and inner peace, but at the same time shows that he belongs in his own Guardiola land. Also, he replaced Cuenca, who I believe was one of the exceptional Cantera's that they had on the pitch, with the worst player in his squad who costed him the title three days ago, Tello. (Don't even get me started again on Tello)

Towards the end of the ninety minutes, when Drogba was caught on Camera praying to his god, Gary Nevile was telling the viewers that he must be thanking the football god that has made all this possible. I couldn't help but to think that it's was the opposite; the football god was on the Catalan side, ever since the beginning of the game. Not even to mention the injury of the brilliant Brazilian from Benfica (if you are thinking of Ramires, it's not), you don't often see quality defenders like Gary Cahill pulling hamstring even before the first half of the first half. You don't often see referees having the gut to make such decisions on big nights like tonight; maybe, this one was Turkish so it was different. They were up by 1-0, when John Terry was sent off. Personally, I believe it was football god that caused the neurons responsible for reasonable thinking and thoughtful decision abruptly backfire, in the blues captains brain, (or was it could have easily been toxicated gatorade, which the home side is responsible for the supply, that JT drank pre-match that crossed the blood-brain barrier?) In anyways, there were no possible ways that Barcelona could have lost this game.

From the Chelsea's perspective, it was not Guardiola's decision to keep on attacking that helped the blues go through, but the two of their dedicated players. When Chelsea had conceded the first goal, I could see that many Blues players were giving up. I could literally see it in their eyes, and in the way they played afterwards. However, there were two players that hadn't given up; Ashley Cole and Ramires. When everybody in the squad was shocked at the speed and the agility of the catalans, especially the Argentine, Ashley Cole was the only person from the squad who seemed destined to follow up with him (Reading this Mikel?) He ran and ran and ran, and saved the goal in front of the goal-line again, which I believe can only come from class. Being booked in the first half, Ramires knew that he only had 50 minutes or so to play in this year's Champion's league campaign. He had two choices to make, either to give up and play like the other 10 players on the pitch, or to play an honorable match to light up the tiniest possibility of his team mates reaching the final. Indeed, bucking up and running around the field like no other Chelsea players (Even if Zola were 10 years younger, I don't think he would have met up with the pace and the run covered by this Brazilian). Big, Huge, Great Kudos on the Brazilian kiddo, who looks like some kid from the Amnesty International or unicef brochure. Catalans obviously thought that they would score, bringing in Dani Alves instead of Pique (who I'm deeply sorry for the knock with the only player in the squad who's not upto the level of the Blaugrana), being arrogant as they always are, believing in their own ways. (Reverse 4-3-3, 3-3-4 on an occasion like this? Come on!)

To sum up, it was arrogance of FC Barcelona that brought up the wrath of the football god. It took 86 minutes for Guardiola to take his coats off, tonight. If he could have thought up more defensive tactics against Barcelona, I'm pretty sure he would have won.