Did Chelsea Beat Barca because of Poor Luck or Chelsea's game plan worked for them to Perfection? This the question i would try to answer.

I have always been fascinated by comments that we hear on American television on Monday morning after the games over the weekends. Some people have touted this programme of post match analysis: "Monday Morning Quarter Back".

These analysts on T.V. make the presentations as though they are the professional footballers themselves and what is worse, they would have made easy with the chances that came the way of strikers who missed those chances. Such is the motivation has propelled me to write this article. People and soccer pundits have started casting insinuations and inuendos that Chelsea beat Barca because of poor luck on the side of Barcelona and that the luck fell more in Chelsea's way.

So the million Dollar question is: Did Chelsea beat Barca based on their game plan and calculated tactics and finally careful study of the weak points of Barcelona? What at all is the Correlation between Luck in football and strict adherence to one's game plan.

If you ask me, I would comfortably settle for the former; in that you may have all the luck in football but if one does not have a game plan then you would be in for more problems on the pitch. For the rest of the discussion, I leave it with you to share your candid opinion. Football is the game and Champions League is the topic of the day, not forgetting the sterling performance put up by Chelsea in yesterday's game.