Football these days has become so unpredictable to the extent that most football pundits either gets their predictions wrong or are highly reluctant in giving clear cut predictions. If recent happenings in the Champions League games involving Barcelona is anything to go by, then you would pay credence to what I am saying.

This brings to mind an article I was featured in and written by my big brother and friend Kent Mensah of Citi Fm fame concerning the God of Football. Football simply does not follow any specified and laid down logic. Its a game on its own and has it own culture, colour and composition, just to mention but a few. So, is there a God of Football who sits somewhere who controls who wins and who carries the day. Sometimes, near misses in football makes me wonder whether football speaks the truth at all.

Now, we get ready tomorrow for Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich and the touting has already started in some circles. Interesting though! May the best team carry the day so that we can have a final befitting the status of a 2012 CL final in Munich.