The Barcelona-Chelsea thriller, which started on 6 May 2009, ended like no one would never have expected. The Blues equalized 2-2 at Camp Nou. Thanks to the 1-0 first leg victory, they fly to the final.

Barça failed to pass the turn with an extra man and two goals advantage. The upright post, the crossbar on Messi's penalty and the Cech saves were decisive. According to Gods of football it was all written: Chelsea had to eliminate Barcelona to get back what was taken three years ago.

A resounding silence, a three years long silence, a silence that craved revenge. The image-symbol of Drogba running bare-chested at Camp Nou, waving his shirt. Just three years ago he was screaming in world-vision: “It’s a f*****g disgrace!”. His revenge has been accomplished now.

But this is also the victory of Roberto Di Matteo, replacing the disappointed Villas Boas after the defeat against Napoli. Nobody would ever have bet a penny on a Champions League final with Chelsea. Now the Italian coach is right there to fight and win the “big ears” cup. His way of playing is not beautiful. However it is very efficient and this is what counts in the modern football.

The Guardiola’s winning cycle with Barça began just that night of May 6th, 2009 against the Blues. The circle is closed now!