Arsenal and Chelsea have announced they have both signed up their youth teams to the NextGen Series which is a fantastic idea.  The NextGen series is a competition for football’s under 19′s that occurs over a 6 month period with a final in March.  Arsenal and Chelsea join the youth teams of 23 other European clubs as they kick off the next tour on the 17th of August this year.  The teams involved are split into groups of 4 and are placed in a table formation.  They will then play each other and compete for top places in their league and aim to reach the final.

This is an amazing opportunity for the young players of both these teams and young players all over the world to get used to playing in a competition which is similar to the one’s they will play in for their home club’s in European competitions and for their National teams in World and Euro Cups.   They will gain so much valuable experience from this.  The young players will be able to:

  • Learn how to play competitive football with some of the best youth teams around the world.
  • Get used to foreign football which will enable them to play in the Champions/Europa league as soon as the break into the first team.
  • Get used to playing games away from home, adapting to periods of travel and playing at football grounds abroad.
  • Improve their talent and skill from learning from other players and how different their game is
  • Have an advantage on knowledge of European football before even entering Premier League
  • Will also be able to adapt if they decide to play for other clubs in Europe

More than anything it will ultimately prepare the youth team's for a life as a footballer the Premier League and playing for their country.   How amazing must it be to experience this opportunity as a young player. To help them grow and learn so much before you even begin to experience what Premiership is like.  So many players are chucked in the deep end and this is a great idea to prepare them. It would also be good to see some of these games too.  I think it’s an excellent move for Arsenal and Chelsea.  Both youth team’s are pretty good anyway but this can only help and develop talent so we have a lot more decent homegrown players coming through. The future looks good for the players from the NextGen Series.