Take a long hard look. Many of us were practically celebrating winning the league at the weekend. I sat back and I watched the insanity unfolding. I wouldn’t say I asked for them to be put back in their place but being as superstitious I have I can’t condone all this hash tagging CHAMP20NS on twitter. It’s truly ridiculous.  

It’s a kick up the backside that we definitely needed. Our form has not been the best recently. We’ve had a a lot of luck in recent weeks. And whilst it’s okay to celebrate going clear at the top of the table but it’s not okay to take it to the lengths we did when City lost at the weekend.

Now people may disagree with me on this but I cannot understand Fergusons decision to take our top scorer off the pitch when he brought Nani on. In fact many people were saying it had to be Giggs coming off and I completely agree. I don’t understand the decision to take our top scorer off with twenty-five minutes to play. Nani is a winger, who if doing his job properly could cross the ball to Rooney who can score. It was a big mistake taking him off and then leaving only Welbeck on who quite frankly has been a little off the mark in front of goal recently.

I hope the only reason that Rafael didn’t play tonight was the simple fact that he was being rested. If Rafael is injured then it is a massive loss. The link up he and Valencia have shown in recent games has been extremely good and I think we missed having him in that role tonight Phil Jones seemed just a little lost playing at right back.

Is it coming to this? I really don’t want to say this but I think it’s clear. We really do need Scholes. We missed him tonight there is no doubt of that. But I don’t think that’s a detriment to the team I think it shows just what an amazing player Scholes is that he has the ability to make a chance out of nothing.

Going in to this game I was nervous. I knew that Wigan would be up for it, after all there is no doubt from anyone that they were clearly robbed at Chelsea on Saturday. I just didn’t expect us to play so badly. But this happens and we can’t let it get to us. Bad results happen it’s the nature of the league. An honestly we’ve made a habit of losing to teams lower down the table this season. Remember Blackburn at home? We can only pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, put the result behind us and move on. Dwelling on that result will not help. Getting angry about that result will not help. Sunday against Aston Villa we have to get behind the team and push them forward show them we still believe in them.  They need us. The team will be just as disappointed with that result as we are.

Sometimes we all need a kick up the backside to make us face the reality. And to be honest it’s exactly what we needed. Can you honestly say we’ve been fantastic through and through during the run in. Sure here and there we’ve played well, but not all the way through. Please do not panic just yet. All is not lost. Five points may seem smaller than eight but you know what I’m glad for it. Eight points made us complacent. It seemed like such a big gap that we could never be caught, but five, that sound so small and frankly it may just make the team and some of the fans (you know who you are) realise that anything can happen in this league. It’s not over until it is mathematically impossible.

It is important to remember that we are still in the driving seat it is still our league to lose. We are still in a good position. Don’t panic, not yet. I was asked early on in the season was I worried, when City appeared to be running away with the title playing magnificent football. My answer was no, I wasn’t worried. So I wasn’t worried then when we were behind them why should I be worried now when we are still ahead of them. Keep your head. Don’t panic, just remember United like doing things the hard way. Please don’t lose hope just yet, and well doesn’t just make the league that little bit more exciting anyway. You know everyone’s going to be saying title race is back on, don’t let it bother because frankly it was never off, and it won’t be until one team cannot be caught. Keep the faith. Keep the red flag flying high!