I will be doing a new series, looking at the teams that could go down and seeing if there's any players that teams could nick from them if they do get relegated. Starting with Wolves. 

Wolves probably look the most certain to go down now and have quite a few players that are probably good enough for mid-table teams to nick if (when?) Wolves go down. In my opinion the main three are... 

Wayne Hennessey

The Wolves goalkeeper has been in super form this season and and has probably been one of the most consistent keepers in the league, making very few mistakes. He has saved Wolves countless times and has probably made at least one highlight reel save a game. His strengths would probably be his shot stopping and the fact he stands at 6'5", which is helpful. In my opinion his main weakness is communicating with the defenders on set pieces and crosses and claiming set pieces and crosses, but he is getting a lot better at the latter and at 25 years of age, relatively young for a keeper, can still improve a lot and work on these weaknesses. He has already been linked with moves to Manchester City and Tottenham if Wolves go down this summer. If he goes to Manchester City, he'll just warm the bench for Hart, but if he does go to Tottenham, it could be a good move with Brad Fridel retiring in the next few years and Gomes being pretty unreliable, Hennessey could be their keeper for the next 10 or so years and he is good enough to do that. I also think he'll leave whether Wolves go down or not, especially if the Spurs interest is true, as he would be a reasonable price, my guess would be £4m-£7m which is decent for a young and consistent keeper.

Matt Jarvis

Matt Jarvis' reputation is getting bigger and bigger after winning his first England cap and having scored 4 goals in his last 9 games and is also one of the most consistent performers in the Premier League, in my opinion. I have  never seen him have a particularly bad game for Wolves the last few years I've watched him, I've seen him have quiet games where he does get the ball as much, but not bad games. He's a consistent winger who knows his job and does it. He gets the ball, he runs at full-backs then he either crosses left footed from the byline or cuts it onto his preferred right foot and swings one in, then that's his job done, it's then up to the striker to get onto the end of it and he does this practically every time he gets the ball, which is a contributing factor into why he's a fan favourite. Direct and entertaining play. I think his main strength would be the fact he is two footed and his other major strength would be his consistency. It's hard to find a major weakness for him, it used to be that he didn't shoot very often or missed quite a few chances, but the last couple of seasons he hasn't been doing this so much. So overall, if you want a typical old fashioned winger, Matt Jarvis is the man you want. He's already been linked with Stoke which you could imagine as he could put lots of quality crosses in for strikers like Peter Crouch, however I could imagine him at Liverpool, as a better cheaper Downing really, putting the low crosses in for Suarez and the back post crosses to Carroll. He is one of the most underrated Premiership players in the Premier League in my opinion and would probably be available for between £5m-£8m. However, as a Wolves fan, I wouldn't want him to leave for any price...

Steven Fletcher

The Scottish striker has been a hero for Wolves for about the past season and a half, scoring 10 Premier League goals last year, including two goals to sink West Brom 3-1 last year and 10 goals this season, including goals at Old Trafford, White Hart Lane, The Emirates and Anfield, showing he can score against the top teams. He's a clinical striker, with a chance conversion of just over 20% and has 10 goals in 22 starts this season, which at a club in the position that Wolves are really is good, as he doesn't get as many chances as strikers at other clubs. His main strengths would be his heading, finishing and anticipation - always being in the right place at the right time. He'll be on the end of rebounds and at the back post to nod it in, he is also a lot more skillful than people give him credit for, with a great touch and quite a few skills in his locker, I've seen a couple of nutmegs by him at Molineux in the past two seasons. His weaknesses would probably be that he isn't the fastest striker ever, but he does close down defenders and work hard for the team to make up for this. He also doesn't use his weaker foot that much, but I suppose that isn't a huge problem as lots of players don't these days. I can imagine him at Liverpool more than any other club if I'm honest, just getting onto the end of all the crosses they put into the box, he would probably be a little more expensive than the other two players due to scoring goals and costing the club £7m, but I think he would be available for around £5m-£10m.

Other note-able mentions include Jamie O'Hara, Ronald Zubar and Roger Johnson. O'Hara is good technically but isn't consistent enough for me and can often go missing in games, he also lets people drift past him, so I left him out of the main section, but he would be alright for a newly promoted club or a side generally expected to struggle a bit. I also think Zubar is quite an underrated defender as he's athletic and gets forward and more importantly can also defend, however he does seem to have a recurring problem with his groin. Then Roger Johnson, not a favourite at Wolves and hasn't had the best of times there, but he is still a good defender and could stay in the Premier League next year, if Blackburn stay up, they could sign him and re-unite Dann and Johnson who did so well together at Birmingham.

So this is Part One of Relegation Scout done, I wasn't sure how to explain it, but hopefully this will help clear up the format and what it is. And as you can see, Wolves have a couple of gems for decent prices, that some teams could steal if they go down.