On May 6th, 2009 Chelsea and Barcelona play the second leg’s semifinal of the fifty-fourth edition of the UEFA Champions League at the Stamford Bridge. The match ended 0-0 on the first leg at Camp Nou. After only 8 minutes Essien lead the Blues with a stunning right-footed volley from the outside of the box. Keeping the result for the whole game, at the 93’, Barcelona unexpectedly equalized with the first real shot on goal of the game with Iniesta. The Blaugrana qualified for the final by the away-goal rule.

Even if during the match a team has showed to be superior to an opponent, which has players capable of decisive blows at any time of the game, sometimes could happen that it won’t pass the semifinal of Champions League. But it seems impossible that it won’t pass the turn because of referee’s mistakes.

The referee was the Norwegian Ovrebo, who didn’t give at least three penalties to Chelsea: the first one was for a foul on Drogba, the second one a hands in the box of Piquè, and at last a touch of Eto’o’s armpit just before the final whistle.

There was many controversies about this episode, but now Chelsea has the chance to take revenge in the long awaited semifinal of this year against Barça. In fact Chelsea eliminated Benfica, Barcelona has got rid of the Milan, and they will meet face to face again on the 18 and 24 April at night. Players like Terry, Lampard, Essien, Malouda and above all Drogba, will play like they never did before. So, get ready! Chelsea-Barcelona will not be a match like the others.