He ruined Inter with his poor strategy and decision making in the last two years, time to fix things again!

Another season, another 2 coaches and most sadly for Inter fans, another disastrous season. One day before Juve vs Inter, I'm looking at last year's table & today's and you see the irony that Inter are 7th and Juve are 2nd, while last year it was exactly the opposite.

Last year Inter started with Rafa, and while the Benitez didn't provide much to justify keeping him, Moratti didn't sign him any of the players he wanted. The so called youth project of Moratti didn't seem that convincing, so something had to be done. And that was done by firing Benitez, getting Leonardo & most importantly signing some players as Pazzini & Ranocchia. And despite Leonardo's naevity the team mananged to finish second and win the Coppa Italia.

Again, last summer Moratti failed to learn the lesson and continued his strict regime in the market, refusing to pay big amounts to sign quality players, and failed to sign any of the top coaches on his list. Ended up signing Gasperini, who was the last one on his list of wanted coaches. Even when Gasp joined, he had clear ideas of playing 3-4-3 and that he needed special type of players to adapt the team to his style, especially in the defence.  Instead, he was given a bunch of players completely different from what he asked and above all, he saw his star player Samuel Eto'o sold! All this signalled a pretty dark season for Inter, and it was and still is. Gasperini was sacked after five games, Ranieri was signed but nothing was solved. A huge run of 7 consecutive wins was just a nice moment to enjoy in the season but never hid the true problems of this group. A bunch of old players who gave their all and most of them has nothing more to offer and a group of promising youngesters who need time to develop and grow. Inter currently lie 7th in the league, even out of the Europa League spots.

In my opinion, I'd prefer to see Inter missing on Europe the upcoming season. As much as it will hurt the team financially, it will force Moratti to start building this team from square one again. If Inter gets to the 3rd place (and that's an impossible mission) I bet that Moratti will change nothing, get another coach, sign some average/young players and the same scenario all over again. Inter needs a shocker like what happened to Juve last season to wake up and start rebuilding again.

Three things have to be done right for Inter to start a winning cycle again:

1st. Moratti has to forget all about the FFP thing and start spending on this team again. If he can't or he has lost his interest for this club (which I doubt is the case), he should let a multibillionaire from the gulf or Asia takeover the club and financially support it.

2nd. Get a good coach & give him time and the resources he asks for, not the ones that are suitable for the wallet of Mr Moratti.

3rd. Patience, don't expect miracles the upcoming season. If Inter make the right choices concerning the coach & the players, the results will come sooner or later but things need time to gel. Even with Mou, the first season we won the league but we crashed early in the champions league. Again, we need to be patient and support the upcoming coach.

In the next article, I'll demonstrate the available options for the soon to be vacant job of Inter & what can each of the candidates can offer. Till then,let's enjoy the Derby d'Italia!

(This article was written before the ill fated Derby d'Italia, and the subsequent - and surprising - change of coach.)