It was 41 minutes into the first half in the FA cup quarter final between Tottenham and Bolton when Fabrice Muamba suddenly collapsed to the floor. At the time no-one really new what was going on. Players were looking worried and upset, the stadium was hushed and there was some serious medical equipment in use. 

News reports were fearing the worst and rumours quickly spread around both White Hart Lane and social networks that Fabrice Muamba, a Bolton midfielder, was in-fact dead. 

                                                        One of many shows of support for the Bolton midfielder

Almost a week later, and the air has almost cleared. He is steadily recovering.

Fabrice Muamba suffered a freak cardiac arrest, something that can be fatal if not dealt with quickly and efficiently. His heart stopped muscularly beating for a total of 78 minutes, throughout that period he did not breath either. Were it not for the immediate and effective CPR that the medical staff at White Hart Lane gave him then he simply would no longer be alive. 

The medical staff acted brilliantly and can pat themselves on the back for undoubtedly saving a life. The fans and the footballing world in general are also deserving of praise for the way they acted though. There are few things that can be more disturbing than a man seemingly dying in front of 30,000+ yet the fans acted admirably.

Many teams and high-calibre players wore "Fabrice Muamba- get well soon" shirts during training and before matches as a sign of respect and support. The fans in the stadium showed the utmost respect whilst the likes of Twitter and the BBC were flooded with fitting messages of support to Muamba, someone who seems to be very well-liked by many.

Those are all things that you wouldn't necessarily have expected would happen. It would have been much easier for everyone to simply say "get well soon" and move on, but the footballing world has come out in force. 

Football is generally portrayed as the most ungentlemanly of sports. People say that it's full of over-paid and under-worked footballers, who tend to think that they deserve everything given to them on a plate. They say that the fans are irresponsible and that the general attitude in the game is a selfish one. 

Events of last weekend have served to quash this stupid stereotype and for that reason, in a warped kind of way, Fabrice Muamba's horrible experience may in fact serve as a blessing in disguise for football. It has united many fans and the shows of respect from all over the game have been brilliant to see. 

Get well soon Fabrice.