If Man City end up with no silverware behind Manchester United at the end of the season, will their oil-baron owners still be interested in spending hundreds of millions of Pounds like Abramovich? Everyone can see the dedication and support that Roman gives to Chelsea (whether or not you agree with his managerial/transfer decisions), he is at the stadium almost every home game and clearly loves the club as more than just a playtoy. 

How much more patience will Mubarak and Abu Dhabi have with their under-performing subordinate sports club? About 5 years, half a billion pounds and 1 domestic cup trophy later. What's stopping them ending up the same way as Leeds United if the owners pull out? They are operating on a business model that is crippling and is simply unsustainable without the continued backing of a handful of Sheikhs 3000 miles away.

If City are unsuccessful in winning their first Premier League this season, the next 12 months may be the most important in the club's history.