Managers have failed to meet Chelsea's expectatations since the departure of Mourinho. Surely it is time for the 'special one' to return?

The inevitable finally happened, Andre Villas Boas was finally sacked by Roman Abramovich following a 1-0 defeat to the Baggies. It was Chelsea’s seventh defeat of the season, enough for Roman to call time on Andre. Was the Premier League a step too far for Andre Villas Boas? Portuguese Liga to Barclays Premier League seems a tough ask, after all there are only two real challengers in that League (Porto and Benfica) and Andre was managing one of them (Porto.) So, who can Chelsea call?

There can be only one answer, their saviour Jose Mourinho. However, with his Real Madrid side comfortably having the La Liga title in the bag and the prospect of Champions League glory. Can they tempt him away? Well the answer would be, yes, that is if Roman Abramovich is brave and gets his cheque book out, for money talks in this modern game. 

They have yearned for a manager like Mourinho, only winning the League title once since his departure. But it’s not league titles they want, it’s the Champions League, a tournament that even defied the ‘special one’ himself while at the Bridge. He did have success at Porto and Inter in the competition but it was felt he really wanted it in England with Chelsea. With the closest he came being two Semi Final defeats to Liverpool in 04-05 and 06-07. He is still probably claiming that Luis Garcia’s goal that settled the Semi Final in 04-05 was blocked on the line by Gallas and is still cursing the names of Robben and Geremi the two players that missed the in the penalty shoot out with Liverpool in 06-07. The closest Chelsea have come to winning the competition was under the guidance of Avram Grant, losing out to Manchester United 6-5 penalties.

John Terry’s infamous slip a typical image attached to Chelsea. Since then Chelsea have failed to meet their expectations again and again, losing out in the Semi Finals in 08-09 to their Spanish foes, Barcelona. And last season they lost out to their bitter rivals, Manchester United 3-1 in the Quarter Final. Making it seem as if all this Champions League disappointment has shown that the ‘football Gods’ are not on their side . Roman Abramovich has really failed to find a manager that meets his expectations since Mourinho left. With Avram Grant taking the helm after Jose had departed, Avram did depart in the following May after failing to win a trophy, coming close to winning two, by losing Champions League final and then only finishing second in the Premier League.

It was then turn for former Brazil and Portugal manager, Luiz Felipe Scolari to take the hot seat. Surely if he could win the World Cup, he could win the Champions Leauge? Right? Well a matter of fact he was long way from it, he was sacked in the February with a win percentage of only 56%. After, they did find somebody to salvage in situation in one respect, Guus Hiddink signing as temporary manager till the end of the season. He was called for another season by the fans after winning the Fa Cup, beating Everton in the final. Much to Chelsea’s disappointment he didn’t stay, saying he had to focus on the Russian job’ something that surely had Roman cursing his own national team.

They then called on Carlo Ancelotti to take the role, his track record being impressive in his 8 years at AC Milan winning the Champions League twice, in 02-03 and 06-07. Surely this time they could bring back the trophy that they yearned for. Again, the answer was no losing in the Round of 16 in his first season to Inter Milan and then in the Quarter Final to Manchester United in his second. He did have some success at Chelsea mind winning their first league title in the post-Mourinho era. He also won the FA Cup in the same season beating Portsmouth 1-0 in the final. This double saw him retain his job for a second season, making him the longest serving manager in the post-Mourinho era. However, a third season didn’t come, the lack of Silverware in his second season prompting Roman to get rid.

Chelsea then turned to Portuguese manager, Andre Villas Boas, the man who had won the Europa League the previous season with Porto. Surely if he can win that he can win the Champions League? Andre had a nightmare with only a win percentage of 50% sitting out of the top four and no prospect of winning a trophy, told a story. His only success was getting Chelsea out of the group in the Champions League, not a great success since as every Chelsea manager in the post-Mourinho had managed it. So, there is surely only one answer to Chelsea’s problems.

The ‘special one’, surely he can end his misery of failing to win the Champions League. But, is he the only answer? Pep Guardiola has a pedigree of winning the Champions League, winning it twice with Barcelona since taking the helm in 2008. The only thing we do know is, Roman Abramovich will make his money talk and surely will lure in a name with a wealth of experience. The only question is. Can Chelsea finally meet their expectations and win the trophy that has eluded them?