As people may not know I am avid supporter of Kettering Town FC, whom are in the Blue Square Bet Premier league (also known as the conference national). Some people may not be aware that my club is in serious trouble financial wise, basically we can't afford to 'play in this league'. Were not the only team to be in serious financial trouble at the moment, the likes of Darlington and Barrow AFC are also in trouble. We've seen teams such as Rushden & Diamonds and Chester vanish from this league because they also couldn't afford different aspects of running a club in the conference notional.

At the recent fans forum which was upheld by the Kettering trust, they mentioned that the club isn't making any profit, instead they're losing money. They also mentioned that the current money the police were owed was around the figure of £35,000, this was because of policed games this season, the crazy part of it was that Northamptonshire Police asked that they should police the Kidderminster game, now, Kettering have never had any troubles with Kidderminster and this cost us an extra £4,000 approx.

Tony Keen, Barrow AFC director, questioned why was it harder to run a football club  in the Conference National than in Conference North/South and League 2. He says that the Football pyramid should be sectioned into regional leagues because of the crippling costs of travelling. I completely agree of what he has stated, some teams pay around £60,000 a year for travelling costs which is appalling, it just shows how are teams going to make any profit, the average attendance in the league is around 2,000, which equates to around £8,000 a match from different things such as ticket prices and boxes to rent in the stadium etc, which means approx. teams earn around £80,000 a season from attendances plus sponsorship etc .

As Tony stated in his interview, Barrow pay around £60,000 a year for travelling costs, you add players wages, the running cost of the stadium and the police money which goes way over the attendance money. This just shows how teams are finding it so difficult to find money in this league. If nobody does anything about it, then we'll see huge amounts of teams going bankrupt and 100 of years of history will be destroyed.