With the current row of poor results for Chelsea, the manager is in lot of pressure while the players are failing to fire, who is to be blamed?

Following the game against Birmingham, AVB's future has come under serious question. And the game is Naples is not helping at all. Napoli has not lost to any English side at home in a European Competition since 1994, so the history supports the result, but cannot be an excuse at all. Is this really AVB's fault? Seeing from the fans point of view, the manager is at fault as Meireles and Ramires were chosen ahead of Lampard and Essien. Why Lampard was not in the starting 11 still remains a mystery! Lampard's presence would have made a big difference than what Meireles did. The first goal by Lavezzi was a cracker, but we can’t deny the fact that it was a clear mistake by Meireles, played very casually turning the wrong side in front of Lavezzi instead of charging after he was beaten. Another blunder by AVB was playing Bosingwa in the starting 11. Although none of the goals were scored while he was on the pitch, but looking at his recent performances, he was not the once to be chosen ahead of Cole. Formation was not be blamed as the attack was not all that bad, and here comes the point of misfiring players.

Drogba did not have the best of the games, other than winning tackles and a few good runs, he did not contribute a lot to the game. He was chosen ahead of Torres so had to perform better than this. Another big mistake was committed by Cahill and Ivanovic leading to the second goal. I cannot point out exactly who was to mark Cavani, but Ivanovic should have marked Cavani as he could see the player as on the other hand, Cahill moved forward but did not clear the ball. Another David Luiz blunder led to the third goal, playing too softly against Cavani, who is very good with the ball in air. And Cech came on to him which was not the best of the options as Lavezzi just had to tap in an empty net. Apart from the first goal, remaining goals by Napoli were a result of defensive errors by Chelsea. The result puts a lot of pressure on the players and the manager. Given the current situation where qualifying for a Champions League spot has become a priority in the Premier League, the pressure is not at all helping.

The manager couldn't be in more pressure given the history and temper of the Chairman. Famous for sacking managers, Roman Abramovich should give AVB some time and comfort in order to succeed. The manager is way too young to manage such a big club at the highest level of football in the world. His success with Porto last season cannot be compared with the less success/failure in this season. It was a totally different situation and level of competition. It cannot be compared to that of the Premier League or Champions League. A few comforting words by Roman could make a big difference and would give AVB the much needed confidence.