It is a brutal possibility that has been haunting the minds and dreams of loyal Arsenal fans since the trophy drought began back in 2005. For almost 7 years now Arsenal have failed to win a single trophy under the management of Arsene Wenger, despite for many of those years having a more than capable squad. For more than that Arsene has stuck to his 'no spending' policy, and insisted on bringing up young stars from the Arsenal academy and players brought in for miniscule fee's. Now ladies and gentleman please don't get me wrong. This is in my opinion is when football is at its best, and how football should be controlled, but sadly we are in a time where big spending clubs like Manchester City and Real Madrid snap up any talent produced at clubs such as Arsenal. 

The possibilty, is now however more believable than ever. Could this be the end of Arsene's reign at Arsenal FC?

The possibility that this could be true, is horrifying for Arsene loyalists, yet appealing to the Gooners who are fed up of a lack of silverware in their now dusty trophy cabinet. Personally, as an Arsenal fan since I started to watch football, I have admired the work and effort put in by Arsene to raise the youngest of players into World Class superstars and then win trophy, after trophy, after trophy. But that is in the past. Now many people are calling for the iconic french man to be sacked from his position at the Emirates and be replaced with a new, more 'ambitious' manager. Many Arsenal fans are calling for Jose Mourinho to take up the position in the summer, as his departure from the Bernabeu grows ever more likely. But there is one problem with Mourinho. He is a club builder, but not a club maintaner. Mourinho takes over a weak club like Chelsea, for example, and turns them into one of the European super powers. But then his game starts to slip. The simple fact is Mourinho can not retain a clubs power, but just build it. 

So I say too you, as an Arsenal fan, and as a football fan. Have faith in Wenger.