The tale of the overpaid, demanding, pompous, cocky...yet talented Manchester strikers.

The city of Manchester has been dominant in football so far in this Premier League campaign, with Manchester City top of the pack and Manchester United following close behind, but its been a bumpy ride. In my opinion, the players that supposedly 'lead the line' for these 'giants' of English football have been an absolute disgrace over the past annum, so here is the tale of the overpaid, demanding, pompous, cocky...yet talented Manchester strikers.

Carlos Tevez is no stranger to controversy. After doing nothing but moan, moan, moan at Manchester United, he did the unthinkable and transfered to Manchester City prompting the infamous 'Welcome to Manchester' sign to be introduced in the city with Tevez in a Manchester City shirt. Little did we know there was much more to come from the Argentine hitman. Since the summer of 2009 Carlos Tevez has scored and incredible 43 goals in 65 games for Manchester City, giving the the status as one of the best strikers in the world, until.... the 'Carlos Tevez transfer saga' began with a bang. In December 2010 Tevez handed a written transfer request to the club blaming it on a 'breakdown in relationships with executives and individuals at the club'. Not long after, Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini convinced the striker to withdraw his request and no more was said on the matter, but everyone knew Tevez wasn't happy in Manchester. It was no secret in the summer of 2011 that Carlos had requested to leave City due to 'family commitments' and fellow Argentine Sergio Aguero was drafted in as a replacement for Tevez. Unfortunately for Carlos, transfer deadline day came and went and he was still a Manchester City player, meaning he had to play if required by the club, or did it...

Nobody could quite believe it when Carlos Tevez refused to come on as a substitute in Manchester Citys 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich, and since then he has flown back to Argentina only to be seen golfing at his leisure. I don't think anyone can predict where Tevez will end up when he eventually leaves Manchester, infact, in this crazy world of football he could even land down on Merseyside, and as a true fan of football not money, I don't really care. 

There are two sides to Manchester United star Wayne Rooney, one of them is an extremely talented footballer who can produce moments of pure genius, and unfortunately the other is the one I am about to explore. It has been over a year now since Wayne handed in a transfer request at Manchester United, only for him to agree a new 5 year deal a week later, not so different from Carlos Tevez, the only difference being that Rooney still remains happy at Manchester United today. You wouldn't think that Rooney is only 25 years of age as it seems he has been around forever, but being branded a 'wonderkid' at the age of 16 may not have been the best thing to happen to Wayne. He recieved a dream move from his boyhood club Everton to Premier League giants Manchester United soon after his outstanding debut for the blues and its fair to say he has lived up to the hype for the Red Devils. Rooney's wondergoal in the Manchester derby last year showed why he is one of the greatest strikers in the world, he was having a poor game by his standards and he popped up with the goal of the season, not much can be said about that!

However, it is clear that depite all his talent, Rooney is driven by money, money and... oh yes money! Not to mention his temper, which was exposed in Englands final European Championship Qualifier. In my opinion, players like these do not deserve to grace the pitch to play the beautiful game, as their over inflated egos seem to rule their cute little lives. So heres to the Steven Gerrards' and Paul Scholes' of this world, who show what football is really about. A love of the game.