This DVD is all you could ever want from a generic footballing compilation of blunders and howlers. Robbie Savage, presents this season’s Christmas present for footballing fans this year and I have to say it has become a dwindling market recently.

Savage brings badly timed puns along with his slurred Welsh speech to create most of the comedy in this hour-long package which, at times, is even funnier than the howlers on show. Such quirks as “from the Garden of England, this defender would’ve preferred to do gardening” as the player slots an own goal into the back of the net.

The self-labelled “star of Strictly Come Dancing” brings us gaffes in matches all over the globe featuring you bog-standard misses, goalkeeping mistakes, own goals and the like. The front cover displays an argument against drugs in the sport with Savage, wide-eyed, gazing into the camera with photoshopped hands.

Needless to say, this DVD is a fun little treat if your parents have gone out and bought it for you for Christmas or for a birthday, it just shows they don’t love you as much as your sibling who might have received other DVD’s like The Inbetweeners Movie or The Hangover Part Two or the traditional slew of comedy stand-up DVD’s.

In short, this is a nice DVD to watch but only once or twice, the timing and utterances from Savage further it and perhaps give it a genre of comedy football. If he brings out a stand-up DVD next Christmas I wouldn’t recommend it, but this however, I would give 6/10 – purely for Savage quotes.