Yesterday I read an article on skysports which showed the amounts of money clubs in the premiership spent on player agents last season. The total amount came up to a whopping £71.8 million, all on greedy agent fees! Obviously Man City topped the chart spending almost £10 million. They were probably disappointed they couldn’t reach double figures with their spending in this area. The clubs which surprised me the most were Spurs and Newcastle, although having said that these 2 clubs may have spent more on agent fees, but spent far less than their rivals on player transfer fees.

Below is the list of premiership club’s spending on agents ranging from October 2010 – September 2011:

Man City - £9.7m

Tottenham - £7.6m

Liverpool - £7m

Chelsea - £6.5m

Newcastle - £6.5m

Arsenal - £4.6m

Man United - £4.5m

Blackburn - £4.2m

Sunderland - £3.7m

Aston Villa - £3.2m

Everton - £2.9m

QPR - £2.5m

Stoke - £2.2m

Bolton - £1.9m

West Brom - £1.3m

Wolves - £1.1m

Fulham - £0.9m

Norwich - £0.7m

Wigan - £0.66m

Swansea - £0.24m

Football agents certainly are taking advantage of the vast amounts of money being thrown around in the game. A couple days ago Didier Drogba’s agent came out with one of the funniest comments I have heard from an agent. According to the quote from skysports Thierno Seydi said: “At Didier’s age he has nothing to prove as a player. He will go where he is offered the most money. Once you are well into your thirties you have to go to a club where you can be certain you can pay the bills.” Once I read the last line I gave out a loud cackle which resulted in a long stare from my manager in the office. I wonder what Drogba’s bills are? Maybe he is renting out a small island somewhere or investing in shares in the failing stock market. For his agent to come out with such a ridiculous comment as that just outlines the greed of these vultures. Like Kia Joorabchian (Carlos Tevez agent) all they care about is holding clubs to ransom ensuring they get the best deal for themselves, using their clients as tools for their own gain. It’s funny how Seydi mentioned Anzhi Makhachkala which is bankrolled by another Russian billionaire. Maybe Samuel Eto’o (now the highest paid footballer in world football) had a word with him about how great life is earning £300k a week in Russia.

Something needs to be done about this because agent fees are increasing at an alarming rate just like player salaries. It’s agents like these that is sucking the life out of football!