Manchester City are going on a “auto- pilot” mode. And Roberto Mancini is the man who pushed that “auto- pilot” button.

Since I remember myself watching Premier League football, I can’t remember another manager being as questioned as Roberto Mancini. And to be honest, I am not a fan of his managerial abilities. But, like I said in my last article, results are the ones which matter in football. Mancini’s first job was at Fiorentina and he won the Italian Cup in 2001 with them. Then another cup, this time with S.S. Lazio, in 2004, something which gave him the opportunity to be the manager of Inter Milan and test his powers in the big stage.

He did great in San Siro as well. Three consecutive league titles accompanied with another two Italian Cups. Not bad at all. Sheikh Mansour picked Mancini to be the one who will lead Manchester City to glory. Until now results are quite promising. His first half at City’s bench (December 2009- May 2010) cannot be judged. But during his first full season in Etihad Stadium, overall he did a good job.

After all, we must not forget that he is not English and he tries to adapt every single day in English football and its mentality. He won the FA Cup last May with City, their first silverware since 1976 and their first final since 1981. So he must be doing something right. In England, in contrast with other countries, the term “manager” is wise. In other European countries, the man who handles the players and training session is called “coach”. And I believe that this is a wise separation.

A manager is someone who can control its stuff as well. Both on and off the pitch. Mancini has done a great job in this section. The only “dissonance” is Carlos Tevez, but he is already being isolated. That proves that Mancini has no problem to put the club above all. He knows very well, after all, the meaning of being a star player, because he was one of the greatest football playing figures in Italy.

So everyone, apart from Tevez, seems to be happy in the City squad. And no one can deny the fact that Mancini has worked hard in order to have a balance among the players. Of course, there will always be some sort of nagging from some players who are not having much play time, but in general I think Mancini is doing great.

City is unbeaten, they produce some fantastic football from time to time and they are favorites to lift the Premier League trophy, in May, their first since 1968. In addition, they have the quality to win both the Carling and the FA Cup. Mancini wants to prove that he is someone who can handle pressure and by winning at least two of these three trophies will silence his critics.

Many people say that Manchester City are in an “auto- pilot” mode. Their player’s qualities allow them to do so and I agree. But in any case, there must be someone who will push that “auto-pilot” button. And in this case Mancini has just done that.