Key observations:

1- When you have players like Barzagli and Bonucci having the chemistry of playing together as CBs they would produce less mistakes than a player that just got back from injury to join a team that is fighting against relegation and a another that isn’t in his best form and has been playing as a LB for a long time now.

2- We are missing a World Class LB in the squad, Balzaretti is playing a good game, but just not good enough to start for Italy…maybe if Balzaretti or Criscito joined a top team their performance would get better with time.

3- Even if he was the best of the Italian defenders today, but there is still a gap between Maggio’s performances with Napoli and his performances with Italy.

4- Italy are becoming truely entertaining, nobody can blame Prandelli tonight for the performance, as he formed one of the best midfields to compete in the next Euro. We saw that clearly in Italy’s possession with the ball forcing Uruguay to produce a very fierce performance.

5- Super Mario won his own psychological game; Balotelli was able to survive against one of the most provocative teams, giving us the confidence that he has truly matured and that we can rely on him in the next Euro.

6- Pepe gave Prandelli more flexibility to easily change his formation, he was a true fighter. Gave Italy the attacking style they needed, and with his defensive qualities he gave Maggio the freedom to express himself upfront.

7- Best Moment of the game Balotelli coming in the second half with the old Kit

8- Finally in my opinion…0-1 wasn’t going to be the result if Prandelli started with any other striker than Osvaldo