Chelsea is losing games. First it was United, then QPR and now Arsenal. Seriously, what is wrong with the team? The players are getting along well, working with the new manager, no dressing room feuds, everything seems to be fine. What is wrong with the team?

Well, matter of fact, the new boss needs to make some more changes to the side. He has been doing changes and they are good and effective. But there are some more that are needed. Here are the 7 most important factors that are totally visible to even a non-footballing eye.

  1. Kalou: He has been very out-of-form in the last season and this season so far. Not at all effective, making things worse, somewhat defective. He has lost his sense of position, makes wrong runs, ball control has gone to trashes, does not pass and the list goes on. So many things are making him unworthy or playing in a team, any team.
  2. Mikel: Mikel has played pretty good games this season, but still lacks the pace that the rest of the squad is getting used to. He has been considerably slowing the pace of the game. He has got skills and a great game sense. But that is not enough, to win trophies and be consistent in one of the most competitive leagues of the world, he needs quick feet. 
  3. Sturridge: Now many of us think that he is scoring goals and having a great season, how can he possibly be a problem? Well, he is. He is a great player with great skills but lacks team spirit. He has consistently failed to pass, actually not even failed; he has deliberately not been passing. Always out to go for glory. Beating 5 defenders and scoring a goal could be easy in other leagues, but Premiere League, its far too difficult. The lad will make wonders for the team if he plays for the team and not individual glory.
  4. Bosingwa: He has been the biggest worry of the season so far. AVB is playing him on the right back position for every game and he has been the reason for most of the goals conceded. Marking players for set-pieces has been his problem. He makes good runs ahead but just cannot come back when needed. On the contrary, Ashley Cole has been making forward runs for a long time now, but is always present at the back when the team needs him. Bosingwa has been consistently failing to deliver crosses from the right. Practically pointless for a full back to go forward and not deliver the cross and not come back on a counter attack. Ivanovic is a better option on the position.
  5. Malouda: Personally, I think he is a great player. But after hearing some views from other Chelsea fans, I think that he has been a problem. Although no one has been able to point out his exact flaws, he surely is not playing at his best this season. He had some good games, but not at all delivering in big games. Might be due to pressure!!
  6. Formation: Too many attackers to choose from. AVB has a lot of choice for the attack and often ends up with some wrong choice. Mostly, his team picked for a particular game is good, but there is just one wrong player on the field who is just not the perfect fit for that particular game. But the way he managed through the second half against QPR was totally commendable. He made some fabulous decisions after going two men down and kept his calm. 
  7. Referee: It has been many seasons that Chelsea's result has been affected by some refereeing decisions. As for this season, two off-side goals against United were allowed, a red card for Torres's pretty soft tackle, a penalty awarded for a soft nudge by Luiz against QPR and a red card for Bosingwa when he actually was not the last man and Terry could have covered for him. These are not the decisions that affect a throw-in or corner, but those which have been the root cause of the loss of games. Nothing can be done about it, but it is big factor in Chelsea loosing games.

These are the 7 most important factors that are responsible for a not-so-good season for Chelsea so far!