Right, forget about Chelsea, Liverpool etc. the teams who really are the main competition for the Premier League title this year is between the two Manchester sides. City and United. I am currently writing this a few days after the massive drubbing City gave United on Sunday. How many smiles were up and down the country then? I, being a Wolves fan, was sitting there during our 5-2 loss to City and even their reserve team (which still consisted on over 100m+ of talent) the way they move the ball around is something incredible.


But these is my reasons for why I want City to reign high over United, and hopefully you’ll agree with them.

  1. Manchester United are famous for scoring late goals, something which only they seem to do. We all know it as Fergie time yet I don’t understand how they manage to be THAT team who scores those goal
  2.  Manchester City has a manager I love. Being biased as I am Italian I think Mancini currently holds the crown for coolest manager. Yet, Manchester United have a very good yet, very irritating manger Sir Alex Ferguson. Sometimes, it looks like he doesn’t even know what is going on. The gum chewing is a side story to how much the man irritates me.
  3. Manchester United have a side which quite frankly is smug. Ashley Young, Nani and Antonio Valencia (yes they are all wingers and are all black but I am not being racist) are just the most annoying players ever. Nani is the kind of players when if United were playing Forest Green Rovers and were winning 3-0 he would score and do his stupid back flip and Young is the kind of player who in the same game would score and just stand, smugly infront of the Rovers fans, with his hand cocked round his ear in a ‘We can’t here you’ way.
  4.  I don’t dislike City’s fan except when they do the Poznan which is a bit annoying but United fans just frustrate me. They lose 6-1 (yes it was bad) but most of the fans are saying ‘Oh Ferguson, he’s taking us as far as he can go’ and ‘Dreadful, sack them all’. Why don’t they come to my world, supporting Wolves and see how if feels to lose more than 3 times a season maybe?
  5. The media play a part in why I want City over United for the title. All I constantly see is biased views toward United. I noticed one newspaper review said ‘United played well and need to take the positives, they were unlucky and City got lucky’. I mean seriously. They lost and deserved to lose badly. If it Wolves losing 6-1 (which looks likely come Saturday GULP!) they would be saying ‘Deserved loss, should have been more’.
  6. Rio Ferdinand, enough said.
  7. I would love it, love it if City got one over on them to win the league. (Read in Kevin Keegan’s voice)


This turned out to be more of a rant for disliking Man United and I guess it was. And no United fans I am not jealous of you and your 19 titles. I enjoy supporting my club, I just dislike you, like so many other football fans. If I was jealous of certain teams they would be City (for the money), Stoke (established premier league side) and Barcelona (because they’re Barcelona).  

Rate and review. Thanks for reading.