One of the games we all wait for “The Old Derby d’Italia”, I don’t think there is an amount of hatred between any two teams as much as these two! Juventus are heading to Giuseppe Meazza as the only undefeated team in Serie A, top of the League, scoring 13 goals named the second strongest attack and conceeding 6 goals as the third strongest defense. While Inter Milan are in their worst form with 8 points from 8 matches standing in the 16th place, with scoring 10 goals and with 14 goals in their net, they are the fourth worst defense in Italy. This broken Inter will be hosting Juventus this Saturday, with the hope to get back their confidence as they are facing a team that hasn’t beaten them in Giuseppe Meazza since the 22nd of March, 2008.


Key battle to watch - Pazzini vs Matri: 

This battle has International connotations, since the only tactical issue that Prandelli has been criticized about is not using a Center Forward upfront for the Azzurri. Apart from the huge talent that Cassano, Rossi and Super Mario have, the team needs a “world class” finisher and right now these two are Prandelli’s best hopes.

Pazzini: Pazzo is likely to be starting Saturday’s game not only because of Forlan’s injury or Milito’s horrible performance, but Pazzini is becoming a decisive player to Inter! Since he was signed in the 28th of January 2011, Pazzini was able to score 15 goals in 30 games with a rate of 0.5 goals per game. This season Pazzini was close to facing a very hard time with Gasperini who benched him almost every game, but as soon as Gasp was fired Pazzini welcomed Ranieri scoring his first goal against Bologna. Pazzo also showed his quality by scoring 2 goals in Europe against CSKA Moscow and Lille putting Inter head of the table. Prandelli always calls Pazzini for Azzurri games but rarely does he start, Pazzini wasn’t able to convince Prandelli since their Fiorentina days. Anyhow Pazzini scored the goal that qualified Italy for Euro 2012 after coming off the bench. The kid is trying to do his best to persuade Prandelli…will he be able?

Matri: The boy from Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, has been Juve’s favorite for the last week after scoring 3 goals in 2 games. Matri was bought on loan by Juve on the 31st of January 2011, he was able to score 13 goals 23 games with the rate of 0.57 goals per game, the Italian scored 20 goals in Serie A last season and promised to score another 20 this season too, he already scored 4 being Juve’s Capocannoniere, as he scored Juve’s only away winning goal till now. In Italy’s last matches after the Pazzini & Balotelli injury, Prandelli preferred getting Roma’s Osvaldo over Matri, something not only the Juve fans but all of Italy criticized Prandelli upon. Matri has played twice for the Italian squad and scored on his Debut against Ukraine. Will Matri be able to continue with this performance? And the more important question will he be able to please Prandelli?


Problems Juventus will be facing:

·       Wesley Sneijder: “Sneijder is the danger man he can’t be marked.” These were the words of Atalanta’s Colantuono before their last match with Inter. With the poor performance from Stankovic and with Inter making the worst Serie A signing this season Ricardo Alvarez, Inter’s only hope is Wesley, to provide the attackers with the balls they need, and to be an effective attacking midfield player. Whether you like Inter or not but you’ll never deny Wesley’s talent, he was the only player deserving to take Ballon d'Or in the Messi/Ronaldo era 2 years ago. Will Conte know how to break him?

·       Maicon: The unstoppable Right Back Train will be facing Juve’s weakest  link in the formation “Chiellini” the player who has been struggling in the Left Back position will be facing one of the best attacking Right Backs worldwide, this is going to be a huge test for Chiello, the question is how will Conte be preventing the Brazilian’s attacks? Will he be playing with 4 in the midfield with the Left Winger helping Chiellini? Or will he be starting with 3 midfielders asking Vidal or Marchisio to cut his way?

·       Consistent concentration: one of the Bianconeri’s biggest problems is losing concentration, that’s what happened against Viola in the 2nd half’s opening minutes and what happened against Genoa in the last minutes, with sticking to Conte’s tactics Juve perform wonders! As they did in Parma’s game and with The Viola in the first half, will they be able to bring that quality again against Inter?


Weak Inter points Bianconeri should be counting on:

·      If Ranocchia still isn’t fit we’ll be facing Lucio-Chivu CBs, if the first is in good form, well the second is a total disaster, Atalanta’s last match is an enough prove for that, a question to the fans…don’t you think 2 strikers would be much effective against two central defenders one of them is a clearly the right way to the goal?

·      The Unstable Japanese Nagatomo: the Left Back has always been inconsistent causing his defense a lot of trouble, Juve’s right sided players should be able to show Nagatomo a lot of trouble, the right side should be led by Lichtsteiner, not sure if Pepe will be in front of him or Conte will be using a more talented player to beat Nagatomo.

One Request to Mr. Conte, please no late substitutions!