In part one of this article, I discuss some possible replacements for Ibrahimovic at AC Milan.

Many of Milan's most important players are nearing the end of their careers. It's just about time for the likes of Gattuso, Inzaghi, Nesta, Seedorf, etc to move out, and for Galliani to bring in young talent to replace these legends. But the players in their mid 30's aren't the only ones who may soon need to step down. How about Ibrahimovic, who is now 30. The Swede is for many Milan's most important player. The squad revolves around Ibra, but what happens when Ibra retires like he said he will at the age of 33, just 3 years from now? I look into who could replace him at Milan.

The Obvious

Mario Balotelli

The Manchester City troublemaker has openly stated his passion for Rossoneri. It seems like only a matter of time before he returns to Milan to play for his former side's, Internazionale, cross-town rivals. Many wouldn't want this move to happen. They say he is too much trouble, but hasn't Milan been known to get the best out of troublesome players? (Think Ibra, Cassano). "SuperMario" is, despite his reputation, a wonderful talent. His qualities aren't very similar to Ibra's, but it's not always necessary to replace a player like for like. If Milan could fix the young Italian's attitude, he could turn into one of the world's best strikers. He could well fulfill this potential in Manchester, but, like a certain Argentinean, he doesn't seem to like the city of Manchester, and would thrive in his homeland I'm sure.

The Possible

Christain Eriksen

The Dutch wonder-kid has been linked many a time to the Italian giants, and a number of other top clubs in Europe as well. Milan will need a good deal of cash to lure him away from Ajax, which is why this move is not likely. Let's face it, Milan can't compete in terms of money with the other big European sides like Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, etc. If one of them make a big offer for Eriksen, Milan will struggle to match it. But if Milan can find the funds to bring him in, he could be the next superstar for Milan. Like Balotelli, he isn't much like Ibrahimovic. In fact, he is better as an attacking midfielder or wing. He is very pacy and skillful, and has an excellent long range shot. A deal for the 19 year old is certainly possible, and if the Rossoneri can get him, I'm sure he will be an outstanding replacement for Ibra.

The Unlikely

Carlos Tevez

Yes, another troublesome Man City striker. The unsettled Argentinean obviously wants to move away from the "boring" city of Manchester. A move to Italy or Spain looks likely for last year's joint EPL leading scorer. Though it seems more likely he would go to Milan's cross town rivals, reports claim the red and black side of the city is a possible destination. Like Balotelli, if Milan can calm him down and keep him happy, he could return to being one of the world's finest strikers. It would be a very risky move, but it would be worth it if he could return to his old form. Of course, Milan would need a large sum of cash to get him and he would likely have to take a paycut; however, Man City will be satisfied with selling Tevez for a decent sum even if it's not nearly what they payed for him.


Any of these players, and many more, could replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Milan. The Swede's retirement is not as far away as you might think, and it is time for Milan to start thinking about this replacement. In the next edition of this article, I will discuss possible replacements for another Milan star...