A match that was always going to be heated from the start. The Asian Champions League Semi-Final match between the Korean Suwong Blue Wings and The Qatari Al Sadd. Al Sadd were up 1-0 when one of the Blue wing's players were studded in the head after falling to the ground from a challenge in air. Another Blue Wings player managed to kick it out so that his team mate could get treatment. Once play resumed, instead of the Qataris giving the ball back to the opposition, they decided to take advantage of half the Blue Wing's players helping out with the injured player to score an important goal to put them up 2-0. Now usually the opposition team would pass the ball back to the keeper to restart play but instead they were totally un-sportsman like and did not give it back.

As the team were celebrating, they were confronted by some Suwong players who were certainly not happy. This sparked the mass brawl lasting for well over 10 minutes. There was a lot of punching and shoving from all players of both teams, including substitutes, which was not a good sign. Even a pitch invader came in to help the Korean side out. After the officials got it under control, there was almost a brawl on the sidelines as both coaches started a mass screaming match looking like they were about to kill each other. 1 player for each team were sent off for the fight and then the goal scorer of the 2nd goal was soon sent off aswell for a second yellow card. The game ended 2-0.

This is surely not a good name for the Asian game. The asian leagues were finally starting to produce some real quality players and some really good football. The AFC are surely going to have a tough predicament to deal with including suspensions of players, fines, and so on. The question I put forward to you is what should the AFC do to make this situation fair. I would personally suspend the players involved in the lead up and 2nd goal.

Hopefully this will be sorted out sonner rather than later, and lets bring on the second leg!

Here is a link for whoever wants to see this.