Girls who look like Torres, Messi, Ronaldino, & Neymar, plus Zidane & C Ronaldo look alikes...

I always used to hear that in this world, everyone has their 7 look alikes, and it sounds really interesting and unbelievable at the same time. And its also something to be very happy about when you look like a famous personality, some one the whole world loves and tries to imitate. But it can also be a curse at the same time because you will never have your own identity- depennds, right?.


1- Fernando Torres and his look alike girl

Team: Chelsea FC
Number: 9
Nationality: Spaish


2- Neymar and his look alike girl

Team: Santos FC
Number: 11
Nationality: Brazilian


3- C.Ronaldo and his look alike boy


Team: Real Madrid
Number: 7
Nationality: Portoguese


4- Ronaldinho look alike girl

Team: Flamengo
Number: 10
Nationality: Brazilian


5- Messi look alike girl

Team: FC Barcelona
Number: 10
Nationality: Argentine


6- Zidane look alike man

Team: Retired
Number: N/A
Nationality: French