Ever since Juventus made their way back to Serie A following the Calciopoli they never looked like a top team or the team they used to be. But this year Antonio Conte succeeded in what coaches like Del Neri & Ferarra failed to do,creating a team mentally & tactically strong which was lacking in the last few seasons. If someone Conte should be grateful of, this person should be Anrea Pirlo.

The addition of the ex-Inter & ex-Milan regista proved vital to the Bianconeri team and his ever presence this season in the heart of the midfield worked magic for them. Everyone who watched Juve this season can see the quality he provides for the midfield. While Marchisio & Vidal do the running, Pirlo dictates the tempo and stamps his mark on every attack for the Juventini and the results can be seen this far, 2 assists against Parma in the opening game and a man of the match performance against his ex-team where he showed how much impact this transfer had on both teams.

Juve's new fan favourite !


The important question now, what happens if Pirlo gets injured? Andrea isn't that young anymore at the age of 32, and with an injury that kept him out most of last season, the idea of him getting injured again can't be written off one's mind given that he plays a pivotal role for Prandelli's team too.

It's obvious that Conte builds his play depending on Pirlo's role distributing the balls and exploiting the spaces for the attackers with his pinpoint passes, so what are his alternatives? Marchisio and Vidal are good midfielders but they don't possess the needed abilities for such role. Apart from that, Juve seems short of ideas in the midfield unless Conte counts on Pazienza to perform miracles.


Conte seems aware of the situation and is examining his options since in the last friendly that took place against a Serie D side during the International break where he tried Alex Del Piero as a regista. But he should work his options fast on this issues since even if Pirlo don't get injured I don't assume his going to play him all his 38 games this season in order to have a healthy and fit Pirlo when it counts.


It would be a real test for Conte's abilities as a coach to work out a way to keep this Juventus team on the same level they stated the league on and a bigger test to make sure he has alternatives ideas if his team becomes Pirlo-less during the coarse of the season.