Here are footballer's that have proved themselves at club level but never made it on the International stage...

10) Nicolas Anelka  FRANCE (69 Caps 14 Goals) - Le Sulk has undoubtably had his moments...unfortunately not many good ones when playing for France. There is no doubting Anelka's ability as a footballer 150 goals in 441 league games proves that. But as a man he doesn't seem to be the easiest characher to get along with, this being shown when he was sent home during the 2010 world cup for a disgusting slur at head coach Raymond Domenech. Never really provided the goods that was expected of him and there has been tales of him being a bottler. Let me set your minds back to when he transferred to Real Madrid, had a great chance to prove himself but couldn't. Then again at PSG, couldn't string together a good number of goals. Which i feel is why he has spent most of his career at small, mediocre clubs (Chelsea aside).

9) Julio Cruz  ARGENTINA (22 Caps 3 Goals) - A tall, elegant and intelligent striker, Cruz should definitely have capitalised on his unique build for an Argentina striker. He offered a different dimension to the team with skill as good as Bergkamp, hold up play as good as Drogba and the finishing of Thierry Henry. However as soon as his club kit changed to Argentina attire, everything changed. He had the skill of Ramon Vega, the hold up play of Wayne Bridge and the finishing ability of Andriy Voronin. 153 goals in 413 league games, so a return of 3 in 22 for Argentina really is poor.

8) Stephane Guivarc'h  FRANCE (14 Caps 1 Goal) - What a massive flop. After huge domestic success in his native France, Guivarc'h was selected to spearhead France's attack at the 1998 World Cup ahead of the prolific Thierry Henry and David Trezeguet. He played 4 games scoring 0 goals. At club level he managed to score 147 goals in 304 games, but suffered terribly when he was transferred to Newcastle. It was here where he officially became the No1 in a Daily Mail poll for 50 worst strikers to play in the Premier League. His single goal in 14 caps for France certainly goes some way to proving this.

7) Robbie Fowler  ENGLAND (26 Caps 7 Goals) - Fowler, in his prime, was the most natural finisher in England. In his first three seasons for Liverpool he consecutively scored more than 30 goals (98 in total, that rising to 116 in 3 and a half years). There's not wonder why people expected big things from him for England, he and Shearer, in theory, were the perfection combination. However despite being the 4th highest goal scorer in English Premier League history, amassing 248 career goals in 553 games, Fowler never got going for England and he was thrown onto the international scrap heap.

6) Vincenzo Montella  ITALY (20 Caps 3 Goals) - The miniture striker was one of the best strikers in Italy during the mid 90's to the 21st century, playing for illustrious clubs such as Sampdoria and Roma. He scored a career total of 187 goals 373 games. However, his international career never really took off despite being given the chance (as shown from his 20 caps).

5) Guiseppe Signori  ITALY (28 Caps 7 Goals) - Another small, quick, skillful Italian that has proven himself in the Serie A but has again failed to show his expertise on the International stage. Signori is the 8th all time leading goal scorer for the Serie A with a sensational 236 goals in 541 games and is regarded as one of the best footballers never to receive a winners medal in competitive football. Had his International form been better this stat may have been different.

4) Diego Milito  ARGENTINA (24 Caps 4 Goals) - This may seem harsh due to the competition for his position. Players like Carlos Tevez, Lionel Messi, Ezequal Lavezzi, Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Aguero have all been ahead of him in the pecking order. But Milito is a man of mass talent, his two goals that won the Champions League Final 2010 are living proof of this. He has had the chance to make himself a permanent fixture in the national side, due to the notable poor scoring records of most of the strikers mentioned, but has failed to do so. And Milito only has himself to blame for this. 192 goals in 452 games and counting!! A player with his talent should have been one of their countries top ever scorers.

3) Roy Makaay  NETHERLANDS (46 Caps 6 Goals) - Whilst at Bayern this guy was nicknamed The Phantom due to his ability to score out of nowhere. He should have been nicknamed this when play for holland too due to his ghost like ability to go missing in games. At club level Makaay 256 goals in 526 games, playing for clubs such as Feyenoord, Deportivo and superclub Bayern Munich. So there is no doubting his quality, he just could not do it on the biggest stage.

2) Andy Cole  ENGLAND (15 Caps 1 Goal) - Lets put things into perspective. Andrew Cole is second highest goal scorer in the English Premier League, only Alan Shearer has scored more. In a career spanning almost 20 years, playing 620 games Cole scored 270 goals.  He won the Champions League and numerous league titles. whilst at one of England's greatest clubs, Manchester United. This therefore begs the question, 'why was he so poor for England?'.

1) Francesco Totti  ITALY (58 Caps 9 Goals) - Go on, tell me he's one of the finest players of our generation,  make me believe that he should be hailed as Italy's most gifted strikers. No matter what you say, I just cannot agree, not with his international record. So many times has he disappointed his great nation, too many times have I found him average,  at best, when it comes to major competitions. After being told so much about his unrivalled ability and him being the "King of Roma", I am yet to see anything of note. OK he has scored 254 goals in 601 games for Roma, but that just makes me doubt the level of the Serie A. 9 goals in 58 games for a player of his supposed talent is remarkably poor. Just to let you know, Danielle De Rossi, a Defensive Midfielder and team mate of Totti's, has scored 10 goals in 63 games for Italy...I'll let you make your own mind up.