Form is temporary. Class is permanent.

Let me tell you something about myself. I am from India and did not grow up watching Arsenal or football for that matter. I come from a cricket crazy country. My father is not big on football and no one introduced me to the sport. Well actually Arsene did.

When I saw Arsenal play I immediately knew I am in love; in love with football, in love with Arsenal, in love with everyone associated with Arsenal, in love with Arsene. I then dug out all I can about the history of the club, bought the official history video. Started reading articles & blogs like crazy and now I can comfortably say my knowledge is at least at par with the average Arsenal follower. I will always be grateful to Arsene for all the beautiful moments, both highs and lows that I have till now been able to experience and will continue to do so for foreseeable future. And that’s why I decided to write my first ever article to pay tribute to this great man on his 15th year anniversary as manager of Arsenal.

The genius of Arsene is there for everyone to see. He made Arsenal what they are today. He has raised the expectations. I never knew Arsenal when they were not a force to reckon with and never ever want to. If Arsene only cared about wining trophies then probably he would have piled the club in debt, threw money like crazy, won some trophies and then move on leaving the club in crumbles like certain someone from Portugal. Instead he chooses to be responsible and often he is not given enough credit for the same.


Arsenal have won that advantage, nobody gave it to them. By playing fantastic football and by winning matches and by winning trophies, they won that respect that the opponent has for them. Jose Mourinho


Times are tough. We have not won any trophies for 6 years we are continuously loosing our star players. Our confidence is at an all time low. Media is against us (I am not sure why) and ready to kick us whenever we are down. We are going into a north London derby with a weaker Tottenham labelled as favourites. And this is the time we must show solidarity. Rally behind our manager and give him support which he not only needs but deserves.


'Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home.' - Arsene Wenger's legendary response to Alex Ferguson's 2002 assertion that his United side played better football than champions Arsenal.


This is my plea to all the gooners out there. Do not forget what Arsene has done for the club and in his hard times support him like you want your players to. Please do not be like Aa$ri and abandon the ship in need. There is always is a debate who is bigger, the club, the manager, or the players... but the truth is none will exist without the other.