Mancini needs to use Carlos Tevez as an example.

The refusal from Carlos Tevez to come on and play for Manchester City against Bayern Munich on Tuesday night is exactly the same as an ordinary worker refusing to get out of bed and go to work. We all have those days and the vast majority of us just get on with it and earn an honest living.


Carlos Tevez most certainly does not fit in to this category and quite frankly he is an embarrassment to himself and an embarrassment to football. One man he is not an embarrassment to however is Roberto Mancini, who now has a reason to stand up to the sulky Argentine and let him rot in the reserves before shipping him off in January.

It’s hard to believe the fall from grace that Tevez has endured in the past few months. This time last season he was the hero at City and without his goals and work rate Mancini’s men would most certainly not be in Europe. But in the midst of all this Tevez decided he wanted to take his ball and go home. He blamed family reasons for not being happy in Manchester and as reluctant as they were in letting him go, Manchester City agreed to let him leave, solely for family reasons.

The arrival of Sergio Aguero in the summer provided clear evidence that Mancini was planning for life without Tevez. However, when the Argentine’s summer transfer dealings broke down, Mancini was left with the striker at City. But things were not all doom and gloom as Tevez appeared to have a smile on his face once again and his family had now joined him in Manchester.

The feeling among City fans and the media was that Edin Dzeko was keeping Tevez’s position warm until he was fully fit and could form a formidable partnership with his fellow Argentine team mate Aguero. The blistering start City has made this season with Tevez on the bench is frightening to say the least, and there was talk of them being genuine contenders for the Champions League.

However, with one point from their opening Champions League games and Tevez now certain to leave the club, it looks all that more of an uphill challenge now for Mancini’s men. On the other hand, the actions of the Manchester City manager following Tevez’s snub, shows that he is firmly in control of what goes on at the club. This whole saga will only make Mancini stronger particularly in the aftermath of Gary Cook’s departure from the club.

Tevez is one of the greatest strikers and footballers in the world at the moment and there is absolutely nothing he can’t achieve. However, he is not a one man club and he is certainly not a loyal player. Everyone asked questions when Sir Alex opted not to sign the striker on a permanent basis and just one year after he signed for the blue side of Manchester the cracks were already beginning to show. He is now in his third season and look at the mess he has caused.

It’s hard to believe that this man was also captain of the club. Manchester City and Mancini can together grow stronger from the Tevez saga, in particular the latter who needs to show that he is the boss and no player is bigger than the club. There is life after Tevez for City, particularly with Sergio Aguero up front and an unlimited check book.