A storybook ending for Manchester City! Fairy tales can be so predictable. City was full of swagger and confidence when they traveled to Munich to play in the fortress known as the Allianz Arena.  City had bought what was supposed to be the finest team that money, the one that would beat their arch town rivals, Manchester united.  They were tied on top of the English Premier League table with Manchester United.  This day was supposed to be the long awaited announcement that made Manchester City a force.  This was the year of the City.

But even before the Champions League began, City was in trouble.  You are only as good as the teams you play, and that proved to be a problem. Just look at City’s schedule.  They opened up with a win at Bolton, the last place team in the EPL. Next they won at Tottenham, a team that has been very disappointing this year. City continued to pad their record with a win against Wigan, who is in the bottom half of the table and only one win.  City then traveled to London to play at the Craven Cottage on the Thames River, where they could only muster a draw to Fulham, another bottom of the table team. Perhaps their most impressive win was their most recent EPL game, a home win against Everton, a middle of the table team.

They opened up their first ever home Champions League game against Napoli.  In predictable fashion, the game ended in a draw and City chalked it up to the first game jitters.  The next game was against Bayern Munchen and was played in the Allianz Arena.  This is the game that truly exposed Manchester City as a pretender instead of a contender.

Munchen is currently the best team in Germany, and they certainly played like it. City also did their best to help Munchen win. Two first-half goals exposed the laziness of City’s defense. Frank Ribery dribbles right, shoots, and an awesome save by Joe Hart, Thomas Mueller with the rebound and shoots, another save by Hart, and then Mario Gomez taps the ball in for an easy goal.  Not much later, a free kick off Mueller’s head is saved one again by Hart but Gomez is once again there to tap it in.  Apparently, Joe Hart was the only person will to play defense for City in the first forty-five minutes,

Once Munchen established their dominance, the fans at the Allianz were treated to a bunch of other games, and all of them by City and none resembled football.  First, Edin Dzecko is sub offed. He is a legitimate threat to defense everywhere, and HE is subbed off. Of course Dzecko lets his displeasure known, exchanging words with Roberto Manchini, and violently slamming his cleats on the floor.  Next, Carlos Tevez, the ring leader of this circus, appears out of the dressing room much later than the rest of the team. In fact, well after halftime. To add even more confusion, Samir Nasri was subbed for James Milner, the very definition of under achiever.  The last sub was Kolarov, a defender.  When you are down two goals, nothings says comeback like putting a defender on the field.  The only person missing from this three-ring circus was Mario Balotelli, who was not available due to suspension.

At the end of the match, Manchester City was able to handle this latest stall in their quest for glory with poise and dignity. Tevez went on the record as saying “I will never come in as a sub which Manchini to say “He is done at City, he will never play again. For the record, While at Manchester United, he was picked as the offensive sub.  The players that were chosen to play over him? Dimitar Berbatov, Christiano Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney. Cleary Sir Alex Ferguson saw the cancer that is Tevez, and now so does Manchini. How this man ever “earned” a Captain’s arm band, is beyond any reasoning of a normal human being.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men can buy all the players you want, but money will not buy you wins. Dysfunction in the City, a perfect fairy tale ending.