It looks like Carlos Tevez's goose is cooked after his latest footballing two fingered salute to his Manchester City club. What happened?

So Carlos Tevez refused to come on the pitch in Tuesday nights Champions League match between his side Manchester City and European royalty Bayern Munich but what does it mean?

In a bizarre twist in the Argentines turbulent career in Manchester, he appeared to sit back down on the substitutes bench after being called upon to take the field in the clash with Bayern Munich.

A clearly angry Roberto Mancini spoke afterwards in the post match UEFA press conference stating that:"He will never play again for Manchester City".

"If one player earns a lot of money playing for Manchester City in Champions league and has this behaviour he can never play, never!"

"He is finished" said Mancini and looked stalwart as he said it.

Roberto Mancini is unlikely to back down from this stance as it was a clear lack of disrespect and throughout the sporting world it became clear as the night progressed that anyone with any sporting nuance that the Argentine would not be getting any sympathy as commentators and pundits laid into the ex Manchester United player.

Sky sports pundit and ex City player Paul Walsh called him "A big time charlie and he custard pied it" which is a strange and weird statement in anyone's language but also pointed out that in football this the truest case of "..the tail wagging the dog."

Iain Dowie added:"You cannot ever refuse to play and it's unacceptable to the fans who made the journey to Germany to see him."

Gordon McQueen was bluntest in his recommendations saying:"Manchester City should put him out the game for as long as they can, they have the money so pay him but don't play him and keep him away from football altogether."

Harsh words indeed and there may well have been a reason why Tevez refused in this manner but at this moment it's unknown why.

The football world awaits Tevez's reasons to become apparent.

Marc Roseblade is a Contributor for Bleacher Report as well as Not Just Scottish Football and youth development reporter for Ayr United Football Academy. All quotes are obtained first-hand unless otherwise stated.

                                                                 Mancini: Carlos Tevez is Finished!