Liverpool fall to an embarrassing 4-0 defeat at White Hart Lane. Their defensive woes continue however Liverpool did not have their preferred right back and lost Daniel Agger early as well. Tottenham took control at the start but disaster struck when Charlie Adam got sent off. The former Blackpool player still thinks as if he is playing for Blackpool where he does not need to try harder. Almost every other tackle he has made this season ended up in a foul. Blind passes against Stoke and a red card in mere 20 minutes against Tottenham only shows that Liverpool badly miss Aquilani and Meireles. A time was there when fans were discussing Liverpool’s overcrowded center midfield and now they don’t have quality depth anymore. 

Steven Gerrard is the only world class player in their center midfield who is injury prone lately else Liverpool have Spearing and Shelvey who cannot add creativity when needed. Against Stoke when LFC needed creativity in center midfield they did not have anyone to help. Now against Tottenham Charlie Adam clumsy tackle left them with a man down. So basically when Adam is playing absolute rubbish, the club doesn’t have anyone to replace him with.

Some fans say that keeping a player against his will is only detrimental to the side. Remember Hernan Crespo was called back from loan in 2005 by Mourinho when he wanted to stay in Milan. He played well for Chelsea and won the league. Luka Modric playing for Tottenham against his will but at the end of the day Quality remains Quality that he showed against Liverpool and that is exactly what the merserysiders let go in the form of Aquaman and Raul Meireles.


Alberto Aquilani:

Alberto Aquilani “The Little Prince” was by all means Liverpool’s best player in the friendly matches. Where everyone else was average, Aquilani was sheer class. Comfortable on the ball, accurate deliveries, shooting ability, set piece expert. He had it all and easily settled into Dalglish’s pass and move play. All summer long, his agent has been blabbering about his future, some believe he was homesick and others think Kenny preferred Henderson and Adam over him. Whatever the reason might be behind his departure from Liverpool, the fact undeniable is that he is classy. Still Liverpool let him go on loan just like last year for an Italian club, AC Milan, who have an option to buy him for a price equal to a Steal.


Raul Meireles:

Not so long ago Raul Meireles was Liverpool’s “PFA fans player of the year” but after submitting a transfer request, some fans gave him a new title i.e “Liverpool Reserves”. The Portuguese international was perhaps the signing of the season after Luis Suarez. He bagged vital goals under the the reign of Kenny. Just like Torres, Raul left for Chelsea. After letting Aquilani leave the club, Liverpool made a massive mistake to sell Meireles as Gerrard’s injury concerns and lack of creativity with Spearing and Shelvery meant they needed him. It only makes sense if you sell a quality player and bring quality replacement as happened when Torres was sold. Here the money earned from his sale is worthless until next transfer market as they did not sign any replacement.

So the fans talk about not attracting quality players because the club is not playing in Europe, then the club let quality players leave, then talking about winning the title does not make much sense. Other than that Kenny needs to play his best XI and players need to step up immensely. Carrol has not settled into the system yet, Henderson is inconsistent and not ready when you have experience in kuyt and bellamy. Carragher has made 3 massive errors in 3 consecutive games to concede. Above all Liverpool desperately need their captain fantastic back and completely fit else they are in trouble if Charlie Adam carries on like this.