Jamie ‘Literally’ Redknapp often proclaims the Premiership to be number one. An argument for this is that it’s the most competitive league in Europe. Wrong. There are six strong, some good teams and the rest. Personally, I think it’s great that there are six teams in the league who all have outstanding players. Critics always find faults. In the late ‘90s, it was boring when it was just United and Arsenal competing for the league. Later, the big four of United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea the league was pilloried for the gap between them and the rest.


It’s easy to criticise leagues: La Liga is dominated by two teams; there’s a lack of technique in the Premiership; there are no world class players in the Bundesliga; and Serie A is too defensive.

What about putting a more positive spin on it? I know, unheard of in England. We love to moan. It’s what we do. Take the Olympic Tickets: over 6 million tickets were sold in record time, and most events will be packed with passionate fans. But, no, it was a disgrace that not everyone got tickets. If gold medals were given out for moaning, we’d top the table every time.

La Liga has the best players in the world.Supporters of the lesser clubs must enjoy watching Messi et al. Andy Gray questioning if Messi can do it on a wet night in Stoke is futile. Why not focus on him and Ronaldo scoring 71 league goals between them in one season?

The passion and commitment is unrivalled in England, and the players play to the last minute in every game, resulting in consistently competitive matches.

Serie A has always been a game for the purists and, for some, watching a team try to break down a defence is just as exciting. In NFL they celebrate defensive plays. Also, Napoli’s 343 formation with an attacking triumvirate of Lavezzi, Hamsik and Cavani doesn’t seem boring.

Bundesliga games are packed with goals, full stadiums and exciting games due to the similar standard of most of the teams. Here’s the average goals per games in the major European leagues:



Average Goals Per Game (2010/11)

La Liga


The Premiership


Serie A


The Bundesliga


Source: http://www.betexplorer.com/soccer/


So, the best league depends on which criterion you use. World Class Players: La Liga. Depth of quality teams: The Premiership. Tactics: Serie A. Unpredictability: Bundesliga.

If you want to watch a fiercely competitive match on a wet Wednesday night then the Premiership is for you. Jamie would probably call it literally the best game ever. But what about world class players, tactics and goals? Let’s enjoy each league for its own attributes. It’s not like there’s a midweek competition where teams from different countries play each other...