Harry is a character, isn't he?

One of the reasons for to resurgence at Tottenham is Harry for sure. He has a strong character and offers the players some excitment and humanity.

You can see he would be, for a while at least, the life and soul of the party.

You know those people that would come to a cocktail party or a pub and as they walk in liven the whole place up. You also know that invariably they talk and talk and talk and eventually fizzle out and actually because a bore.

Many Tottenham fans see that today in Harry.

For sure there are many defenders of Harry too. They like what he has done for us. I do too and still wonder, in view of Daniel Levy's conservative policies, if we could really get someone better?

So I do appreciate what Harry has done but i also have great doubts about him too.

They centre around his ability to see the whole picture, his management of the squad. There are a lot of players who have languished on the bench and then have been brought on under great pressure to perform for short periods and had a hard time with Harry.

Harry has go lucky too. Gareth Bale was ready to go out on loan until somebody got injured on the left and Bale got a chance of playing for more than 5 minutes, Sandro the same. Infact Harry wanted a squad but keep many players on the bench while the ones that played, played and played until they got injured.

He is always talking and talking. Often talking in circles. We could have bought Suarez but he we had Van der Vaart and Harry thought they played the same way and he was over 30 million and we took a look at Carroll and took a look at this one and that one... on and on and on and on.

He talks of going to take the England job as an offer he couldn't refuse but then says that well if they win the Euros it will be very difficult (thye pressure will be on I think he means)

Look Im not that much better than Harry either. I really don't know if we could be better than Harry. We obviously can't compete financially (or don't want to) with the group at the very top and it seems every top manager would want to spend to get into the CL and why not?

I just think Harry could have done a lot better with what he had/has.

He has talked about the Europa in less than glowing terms and with Tottenham fans really being the best fans in the whole world. We have many fans going to away games and for them to have to suffer Harry's feelings about the Europa after spending the dosh to go to Greece, lets say, is shameful.

I am a Tottenham fan and have been one way before Harry was there and will be one long after Harry has left and I think we deserve more. Can we get it?

I'm not so sure.