Well now we know the score.Its a four legged race no matter what Sir Alex says. Its us, the rest of us, versus them.

So I think we should not wait another two years for this Super League to appear and just start it right now.

The four we know. No not Stoke or Blackburn or the team that ran out of Fabregas. With those four teams in the stratosphere we need to stop selling and create one team to compete. I think that the rest of us could probably put together a competitive team and look give the four a run for their money.

We could have a computerised manager with many real advisors. For instance Wenger could be the mad scientist and concoct up some plans developing the test tube set.If he panics he could pick from the pool of elder players at his disposal,Harry could just talk.Hodgson could take the worst of all the players and give them hope.

We would really be a real people's team and maybe we could call them United United and play at Wembley. We would certainly fill it with all the fans the rest of us have and also ex Man City players.

With so many supporters we would have, we would rake in the money on the shirts and then start investing. You know invest in something that will make enough money to compete.

There is an incredible connection between oil and football these days. There is no success without oil. You get oil, you fill up with the best. Yes with the many players at our disposal we could probably give City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd a game but it would still be a futile task without oil.

I'm sure there is oil out there somewhere. Where could we start?

How about under the centre circle at White Hart Lane??