Before Ronaldinho signed with Flamengo, Blackburn Rovers announced that they were trying to sign him. It was laughable to think that Ronaldinho would go to Blackburn. Now they continue to make us laugh by trying to sign Raul. Blackburn  apparently has no respect for such players and none for themselves.  

Such big names players are trying to finish their footballing career on a high at a club of some prestige. Prestige is the name of the game in football and it is unthinkable that they would join Blackburn Rovers Football Club of such low prestige. The people running the club obviously do not know their place in the footballing world  or are trying to change it in the wrong ways.

Players are very conscious of how they will be remembered and how people will talk about them. And if I know this and Blackburn doesn't then they really just don't have any respect for such players; players who have a large fan base all arounnd the world.

Then again let me try to think about things from their point of view. If they hadn't made those inquiries about the big players then I certainly wouldn't be blogging about them right now. Maybe it's just a smart way to get publicity and the clubs owners do have great ambition for the football club.

What they need to do is realize that they must act while thinking about how people will react. And people are reacting by laughing at them.

But hey! After all this I still though,wish Blackburn good luck in the upcoming BPL season.