"Just for once why don't we try something new? A novel concept perhaps in football these days. It's called giving someone a chance...."

Football fans are fickle.  It's a statement many of us have both made and heard over the years and to an extent its true.  We have all been on the terraces when the player of the season is getting booed by someone for accidentally kicking the ball over the line for an opposition throw-in or even more commonly the manager is getting verbally assaulted from all angles because our beloved team has lost its opening two matches of the season.  However, just because its common-place does that make it acceptable?

I'm going to say not at all, in fact I’d go as far as to say its completely and utterly wrong.  I've paid just as much as the person next to me to be sat watching my team, I’ve invested just as much money and emotions into this club and can empathise 100% how frustrating it can be to see things go wrong on the pitch but does that entitle us to abuse these players and staff as much as we do?  By no means at all.  Anyone and everyone makes mistakes yet thank goodness we don’t have 30,000 people watching us and groaning every time we do or we'd all be nervous wrecks every time we left the front door in the morning.

Whatever happened to being positive?  Whatever happened to seeing the bigger picture?  I think the problem lies in that us football fans have expectations that are more often than not left dashed and the residual disappointment builds up until we eventually throw our hands up in frustration, tear up our season tickets and vow never to watch them ever again (until the next week with season ticket sellotaped together).  This continual disappointment cannot be good for the soul and may explain just why football fans can turn on a manager or player literally in minutes.

I like many others have been on the terraces when a player has been booed, shouted at and abused from the first whistle until he turns up and scores the winning goal in the last minute and INSTANTANEOUSLY becomes a hero, a legend, a GOD.  People walking out of the stadium will be heard muttering how they always said he was a great player and how glad they were to have him.

I for one cannot bear the fickle nature of some football fans, yes we ALL get frustrated, yes we all want 3 points all of the time and yes we have all spent enough money watching them but just for once why don't we try something new?  A novel concept perhaps in football these days. 

It's called giving someone a chance.... after all it worked for Sir Alex Ferguson.