Arsenal’s horrifying start to the season continues, a loss was always on the cards but to concede 8 goals for such a big club is a massive shame. This is the first time Arsenal have conceded 8 goals since 1896. Many key players have left the squad but that is part of football, players come and go. However the thing different at Arsenal is that quality players aren’t replaced by quality ones. Even when the club has the cash to buy them, they are reluctant to spend.

Forget about blaming the players who have left, forget about blaming anyone else. The major problem has been Arsene Wenger’s dealing in the summer transfer market.

He always knew that it would be hard to keep Fabregas and Nasri this summer, instead he tried in vain. Barcelona were not coming up with an appropriate bid for Fabregas, that is one thing but when the saga was dragging on so late in the transfer season, Wenger never had any perfect replacements ready to bid for, instead the responsibility was handed to Ramsey who is no way near a player of Fabregas’s quality.

The case of Samir Nasri is even worst. Wenger knew it all along that he wanted a new deal, but was never in favor of increasing the wage bill. On the other hand Arsene also knew that they are not capable of paying 180,000 a week to Nasri, not even 140,000 then why on earth did he drag it so late again for the league to begin and having not much time to find perfect replacement.

The mind says that he should have sold Fabregas and Nasri at the start of August at max and bought replacements who could have settled in well before the campaign. But wait a minute, think again, we know he lost Clichy way before and had enough time to get a new left back, adding to that he was completely aware of the squad injuries as well but did not act again. Now if you look at the defensive lineup against United, my word, some "big" names were there, playing a high line with no idea of offside, no wonder they conceded eight goals.

It might be too early to say that Arsenal will be out of the top 4 this year. However the fact is clear, lack of spending from the North London clubs shows how weak they are compared to a Top 4 side. It remains to be seen what Arsene Wenger is planning to do next. One thing is for sure.

Wenger has three days left, to sign the players that could halt the demise of Arsenal and his career.