After the buy of the season, Javier Hernandez, clubs have been trying to find the next player that can be bought for a nominal fee and get a massive profit or keep the player and let him lead the club to success. Alex Ferguson has been a long supporter that the market right now is inflated and until this summer, refrained from getting sucked into diminishing the budget he is given. However, this has led people to believe that if a young player who are unproven in Europe or at a big club then the prices have a ceiling and the prices being quoted by the presidents and agents are unfathomable, to say the least. But, I am one of the few who can see where they are coming from and by the end of this article, then I hope you will to.

The scouting network has never been this broadened before. Scouts are cropping up in the most unlikeliest places such as parks, for example. This means that the next best thing will be found sooner or later. Neymar, Pastore and Sanchez are good examples of this. They are also examples over hefty prices being paid to acquire their services. Sanchez has gone to Barcelona for 23m + 12m add-ons; Pastore has found residency in Paris with PSG, who paid £36.7m for him and Neymar is on ygoing to leave if his minimum fee release clause is met, at a whopping 40m pound and he is at the tender age of 19. Many would say that the prices are crazy for players that are playing in the Italian league and even more so in Neymar's case, where he plys his trade in the Brazilian Serie A. But if we look at the facts then it should become clear why these prices maybe even a little under-priced.

Sanchez wrecked havoc upon the Italian defences and helped Udinese to a fourth place finish to get them into the Champions League Play-Offs. His masterful skill combined with the blistering pace and his newfound goalscoring, he would have been a fitting acquisition for any of club linked with him. After a lot of haggling, Barcelona only paid 23m up front for him abd 12m in add-ons supposedly performance related. If he doesn't play well, then he can be shifted as they only go him for 23 m and the add ons don't come into play. If he does play fantasticly well,then the money for him was a absolute steal. Potentially, 35 m for a 22 year old who has all the ability to be a world beater? Who wouldn't take that deal

Pastore filled the trequarista role for Palermo and revolutionised the Italian team along with two of his team-mates, Josip Iličić and Fabrizio Miccoli. His passing awareness and playmaking skills helped Palermo into the Europa League. He isn't the best talent out of all three, with that accolade going to Ilicic because of his god blessed skill but he is still a great talent. Chelsea and PSG fought tooth and nail to get him in their respective shirt but Chelsea succumbed to a defeat to a newly rich Paris St. German. Both clubs were ready to pay the fee but he went to play more football. £36.7 million it cost the Paris based club and it was money well spent because he has great sets of ability on him and a great footballing mind. I was crying out for Ferguson to splash the cash on him rather then Sneijder because he is younger and he can play in the deep-lying playmaker role while Sneijder already failed that test at Real Mardid.

Now, for the curious case of Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior or more commonly known just as Neymar. He has captivated the world with his step-overs and goals and phenomenal skill. Chelsea, Real Madrid, Malaga, PSG, Barcelona and FC Anzhi Makhachkala all had their cheque books out to pay, what would be the biggest fee for a teenager ever, €45 million. Many critics, journalists and fans have wondered why he is rated so highly and think the more modest fee of about 20 million is more suited for his attributes. Well, frankly, that is bad advice. Even if Neymar was going for the same price of Ronaldo or 20 million lower then I would gladly pay up for it. The 17th most marketable sport star in the world according to Forbes; scoring 40 goals in 62 appearances in the 2009-10 season; making his Brazil debut at 18 years old and scoring 28 minutes into the game and being the hope of Brazil to bring the World Cup back to Brazil in 2014. The hype of his prowesses cannot be misplaced by so many people. He has had pressure on his shoulders for a long time. While Robinho was breaking through, his was being talked about as a replacement for him and that he even might be better. When this was being touted, he was 10 years old. Yes, 10. Now is stupid of Santos to want £40 million? That to me is a steal. He has got to be the most exciting talent to come out of Brazil since Pélé.

Ronaldo went to Real Madrid to for 80 million and they have already made that money back plus more from shirt sales. That is profit marketing business of football at it's best. In my opinion, the only person capable of doing that in the same time period of Ronaldo is Neymar but that doesn't change the fact that Sanchez could harden the grip Barcelona have over the world of football and Pastore could make PSG win the Ligue 1 again and get them competiting in the Champions League and Neymar could help Madrid topple Barcelona and regain the status of the best club in Spain once again and help Brazil win the World Cup in Brazil. If United would buy Sneijder, he would cost 33 million. Pastore cost 3.7 million more. If I had the choice to pick either one, who do you think it would be? If you don't know by the end of this article, then I think you need a re-read of paragraph 4.