Now there's no doubt Manchester City have a team of class players, but is there such thing as having too many of these in the squad? It sounds stupid I know, but looking at some of the players, you can tell they would not be happy being on the bench. And with Nasri joining looking more imminent it can only provide Mancini with headaches on matchdays.

So first of all, starting at the back. Kolarov and Clichy. When Kolarov signed for City last year for £16million, it seemed as though they had their main left back for the team, and then a year on and Gael Clichy goes and joins the ranks. Neither of these players I can see as being a 'back-up player' and switching the players around every couple of games would surely just make an unconsistent back four. The rest of the defence would probably look like Kompany and Lescott at centre-back and Richards at right-back, but then once Kolo Toure has served his ban he will most likely go straight back into the side, also not forgetting that new £10million signing Savic is sat on the bench kicking his feet.

Onto the midfield. After seeing how City lined up last week against newly promoted Swansea at home.. with THREE holding midfielders, Barry, De Jong and Toure. So after seeing Mancini's tactics for this game, it makes you wonder how they would line up away from home at United, Chelsea, Spurs etc.

Onto the main dilemma in my opinion; the attack. Johnson, Silva, Milner, Nasri (If he signs), Dzeko, Balotelli, Aguero and Tevez (should he remain after 31st August). So if Roberto does go for the three holding midfielders which looks pretty likely, then that means only three of the above players would start. All of them should be in the starting eleven if I'm honest. Silva and Nasri are two players that are very similar so wouldn't provide much variety if the both of them are on the pitch at the same time, and again these are two players that need to be in that starting eleven, and then theres the other two wingers, Adam Johnson and James Milner. Now this is a difficult one because where I would usually rather Nasri or Silva in the team, these are two very promising English youngsters and NEED to be getting games week in week out. And at the moment it isn't happening for them

Tevez was vital for City last year in them qualifying for Champion's League football but has already made it well known he wants to leave. Aguero - the £35million Argentine showed the country some of his talent against Swansea last week and will most definitley be in that team every week providing he is fully fit. Dzeko is still yet to prove himself here in the Premier League but if is able to get the chance and can find the form he was in when at Wolfsburg, again he would be another forward wanting to be in the first team. And the last, but the most problematic is the one Mario Balotelli. It's obvious this boy has bags of talent and a huge potential but he has a major downside with his attitude and his sulking, and being 3rd/4th in the pecking order would just make Balotelli's attitude to the manager even worse, if that is even possible. The most likely tactic I think we will se with City this season will be a 4-3-3, the 3 holding midfielders, two wingers and the one forward which is going to be Aguero if he continues to impress.

It will be very interesting to see how the team will line up in the coming weeks, and how Mancini can manage the individuals within the squad.