New York is an arrogant city; it has always wanted to be all things to all people, and a surprising amount of the time it has succeeded. It has always been a city of commerce, and the values of commerce have tended to supercede other values. There is no pretense here of excessive gentility, and the rush was always to the new, the large, the prosperous, the fashionable.

                                                                                                   -- Paul Goldberger.


I find this quote intresting, much of what is said can be applied to the American soccer giants of the 1970's The New York Cosmos. 'New, large, prosperous and fashionable'. And that was only applied to the 'old' Cosmos, with the new Cosmos we could also throw in 'Arrogant'.

For who in their right mind would try re-launching a club that like a brilliant firework fizzled out over 25 years ago, look at the staggering amount of work, time and funds that must be plowed into a project like this. Things like a home ground, a team good enough to battle in the MLS, a youth set-up, and so on. This stuff just doesn't appear out of thin air.


But 3 ambitious Brits thought otherwise.

Carl Johnson, Paul Kemsley, and Terry Bryne.

Paul Kemsley is a former Spurs director, Terry Bryne has worked on the medical staff at Chelsea, was director of football at Watford and has managed David Beckham for many years. And Carl Johnson US-based marketing brand Anomaly works with companies such as Sony and Budweiser.

Ok so experience? Check. Money? Check. Ohh yeah there's something else, Pele? Check. Cantona? Check. That seems about right.


The Cosmos experiment began over a year ago when Paul Kemsley bought the rights to the club from former general manager Peppe Pinton, since then his plans are have become suitably starry, Pele is back in a honorary president role while Eric Cantona (who actually has no previous conections with the Cosmos) is the director of football, I wonder will Beckenbauer return in a managerial role? One can only dream.


Over a million dollars has already been invested in grassroots soccer in America by the Cosmos directors, with partnerships with two clubs- One in New York and one in Los Angeles. Carl Johnsonn says 'The most important thing with youth development is to make it clear we're serious, and that we're here for the duration'.


Plans are in place to become the newest Major League Soccer franchise in 2013, with the league being committed to placing the next franchise in the New York borough of Queens if a deal could be reached. Aside from the Cosmos under-age sides and their Cosmos Copa competition taking place not much of the plan is being revealed to the public but insiders are confident that the club are on the right track and within the next 5 years will become one of World Football's hottest clubs again. Things will kick-off on the pitch in August for Paul Scholes' testimonial match, as Eric Cantona will take a team made up of guest players from around the world to take on Manchester United.


Expect the Cosmos hype machine to really start in the coming year, with news of a coaching staff plus a senior team to be announced. Ohh and don't rule out David Beckham having some part to play when he retires.