The championship is in my opinion possibly the most unpredictable league in the country, read this article for my predicitons and league table

The championship is in my opinion possibly the most unpredictable league in the country, for some years now we the fans have seen major changes, twists and turns and shocks develop for many of the teams involved. Who would of predicted Hull, Burnley or Blackpool to grace the premierleague after their unimpressive league exploits throughout the years? The championship is making unnatractive teams sexy and i for one genuinly hope this continues, its wonderful too see a league feeding the top tier of english football 'common football'. Not only does the championship see off unexpected teams reach promotion but a whole host of former top teams face the doom and gloom of relegation. Nottingham Forest, Southampton, Leeds, Sheffield United, Charlton Athletic and Leicester City. If you told any football fan in the ninties/early noughties to predict where these teams would be in ten or so years nobody would of said the third tier of english football. I firmly beleive the championship is the most exciting league in the world. I dont need any champions league or europa league qualifying spots, all i need is a bit of play off hysteria. 

Next season has the possibility of being one of the toughest and most intense seasons for years, there are some excellent rivalries too look forward too, Millwall - West ham, Southampton - Portsmouth, Derby County - Nottingham Forest, the first two replacing the loss of the South Wales derby & the Old farm derby since the depature of Norwich & Swansea to a higher force! The league also sees Gus Poyets Brighton & Hove Albion join the chase for premier league football, a team i'm very much looking forward too see play next year who i hope we will see make a great start to life back in the championship.

My predictions for next season.

Championship season 2011/12 final table:

1: West Ham United
2: Leicester City 

3: Birmingham City
4: Reading
5: Nottingham Forest
6: Cardiff City

7: Leeds United
8: Derby County
9: Burnley
10: Blackpool
11: Ipswich Town
12: Bristol City
13: Hull City
14: Millwall
15: Portsmouth
16: Middlesbrough
17: Southampton
18: Watford
19: Crystal Palace
20: Brighton & Hove Albion
21: Doncaster Rovers

22: Coventry City  
23: Barnsley
24: Peterborough United

PROMOTED VIA PLAY OFFS: Birmingham City (Prolific yo-yo team)

Star players: Michael Chopra (Ipswich) Nathan Tyson (Derby) Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester) Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Southampton) Lewis McGugan (Forest)

I expect Leicester City to absolutely storm this league next season with the funds they've been bestowed with in a feirce top of the table battle with West Ham and Birmingham, as all three teams have quality managers. The play offs will feature the regulars with Birmingham going back up as per usual and Forest yet again missing out (Personally being a Derby fan and taking their current manager into consideration i was going to put Forest lower but judging on the past few seasons they have to be up there!). I see Leeds, Derby and Burnley slipping in and out of the play offs throughout the season but running out of steam at the last hurdle. As for relegations i have too say its Coventrys time to go down, manager changes all too often, poor attendences and very little on the big signing front for years. They're a very unnatractive team nowdays and perhaps a season or two in league one will sort them out a bit! Barnsley have just lost their captain to Derby and they seem to be shipping out a fair few players they might up for the axe this year although i do quite like them so it'd be a shame to see them go.

Of course this all my opinion and i would love it if you gave me yours in the comment section!