The implications on Dalglish's £55 million spending splurge may be a lot stronger than people think.


Earlier this evening (Writing this on the 24th of June. If anything has happened since you can't complain) I retweeted a post which went like this 'Andy Carroll cost £35m and Jordan Henderson £20m. And Barca offer £27m for Fabregas. They can suck my balls. Although a lot of Premier League fans (myself included) laughed off the somewhat over the top prices splurged by Kenny Dalglish on Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson as part of Liverpool's rebuilding process. Although now you rethink the situation, this whole forray into the overpriced world of the Premier League player has rather serious implications for the global transfer policies in regard to the Premier League.


The issue here lies in the sense of comparison, and what that will mean for Managers determined to get the best deal for their players, something no more prudent than with the not-at-all-boring-yet Fabregas to Barcelona story. It broke today that Barcelona offered Arsenal £27 million pounds for the Arsenal captain, talisman and a player who is on a 4 year contract. If you ignore the obvious implications of the players worth to Arsenal as they try to rebuild after another cataclysmic and make a direct comparison with the stats of say, Jordan Henderson, Wenger has every right to demand up to £60 million pounds for Cesc Fabregas based on the 2010/11 season alone.


When you do a direct comparison of the two players assists in the 2010/11 you will see Fabregas eclipses Henderson's total 3x over. If Wenger needs an argument to defend his position over Fabregas which Barcelona supporters have described as 'ransom' he needs look no further than 'If 4 assists Henderson is worth 20 million pounds, what is 13 assist Fabregas worth?' Not to mention the fact Fabregas has created more assists over the past 4 seasons than ANY OTHER PLAYER IN EUROPE and was earlier this season statistically proven to be the most creative player in Europe, which obviously includes '2nd and 3rd best players in the world Xavi and Iniesta' who, you might be aware, play for the club Fabregas is so desperately coveted by.


The point I'm getting at here, is that from now on, Premier League based managers have to look no further than the fees paid for Henderson and Carroll as a bartering tool in their deals with foreign and home clubs; which will lead to a grave inflation of the prices asked for and, subsequently, paid by clubs for Premier League players. The whole scenario may stop clubs from trading with Premier League clubs all together as they seek the right price for their players when compared to the two figurehead signings of Kenny Dalglish's Liverpool return. Which is only fair. An almost refusal for foreign trade with Premier League clubs will have an invariable knock on effects for Premier League clubs lacking in funding for squad improvement and will have to seel to English clubs, where there is already a mark up on Premier League - Premier League transfers.


Although these implications are stretched to the very edge of reason, there is a sound logic based on the issues raised by the inflated prices of the Liverpool signings in that any manager can look at the price tags spent on these two, unproven, so far unremarkable players and say too any club. If they are worth that much, our player is worth ... which will mean what for the smaller clubs? What for foreign clubs looking to import Premier League players? What for the funds coming in and out of the Premier League? Most probably, nothing good...


Agree? Disagree? (I imagine many of you will). Comment below and I will get back to you with my views!